Women’s lacrosse heads

The right lacrosse head is critical for any player to succeed and get the best enjoyment from her game. Women’s lacrosse heads can have different features that appeal to different ages and player levels, not to mention adhere to specific league rules, so it’s important to understand how to choose a lacrosse head that’s best for your experience, level and style of play.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What Are the Parts of a Women’s Lacrosse Head?
    • Scoop
    • Shooting String
    • Pocket
    • Sidewall
    • Throat
    • Ball Stop
  • Women’s Lacrosse Stick Head Types
  • Lacrosse Head Legal Dimensions & Regulations
  • Women’s Lacrosse Head Brands
  • Women’s Lacrosse Heads FAQs

What Are the Parts of a Women’s Lacrosse Head?

Women’s lacrosse stick heads may look simple, but they’re made up of several different parts. When shopping for a women’s lacrosse head, make sure you’re aware of each aspect.

  • Scoop
  • Shooting String
  • Pocket
  • Sidewall
  • Throat
  • Ball Stop
women's lacrosse head parts diagramwomen's lacrosse head parts diagram

Women’s Lacrosse Stick Head Types

Women’s lacrosse heads can be different based on a player’s position on the field. This is why it’s so important when choosing a lacrosse head that you consider the position you play before purchase.

  • Attack: Narrow heads with slim sidewalls for lighter weight and quicker shot capability
  • Defense: Wider heads for greater catching and blocking capacity
  • Midfield: A mix between attack and defensive women’s lacrosse head features
  • Goalie: The widest of women’s lacrosse heads, designed for stopping shots

Lacrosse Head Legal Dimensions & Regulations

The regulations on women’s lacrosse heads are based on the level of play. 

NFHS heads are legal in youth through high school leagues. 

Once you reach collegiate play, NCAA rules may come into play based on the competition level. Universal women’s lacrosse heads meet both NFHS and NCAA regulations making an easy transition between levels of play.

Pockets of a women’s lacrosse head should be 10 inches from the base of the pocket to the top. Width will vary by position, and you should check with your association for specific rules.

Women’s Lacrosse Head Brands

There are several women’s lacrosse head brands, each with their own advantages. Some will appeal to beginners, while advanced players tend to rely on brands and models they’ve come to love and trust.

STX women’s lacrosse heads are available in models for nearly every level of play and position. It’s not uncommon for high-end players to rely on STX products since they offer such a variety of options.

Brine has been a valued manufacturer of women’s lacrosse equipment since 1950. They produce a variety of high-end women’s lacrosse heads that appeal to even very advanced players.

Epoch lacrosse heads are crafted for players in any position. The Epoch women’s lacrosse head can be seen throughout the college level of play, and the brand offers unique angled heads for added customization to play style. 

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Women’s Lacrosse Heads FAQs

How do you pick a lacrosse head?

You should choose a lacrosse head based on the position you play and your competitive level. An attacker will have different preferences than a defender – like size and weight – and youth players may not need a stick with some of the advanced features that professionals look for.

What is the difference in lacrosse heads?

The difference in women’s lacrosse heads mostly deal with the size and angle of the head. While pockets conform to league regulations, some lacrosse heads will be wider or more pinched near the shaft depending on the position you play.

Are all lacrosse heads the same size?

No, not all lacrosse heads are the same size. They can differ in width and weight, for example, and different league rules can have varying requirements. Position can also dictate certain aspects of a lacrosse head. For example, defensive players might want a stiffer, more durable head than what an offensive player may use. 

How long does a lacrosse head last?

Some lacrosse heads will last longer than others, so there’s no concrete answer as to how long a lacrosse head should last. More aggressive players might break a head earlier than expected due to the amount of abuse their equipment might take during play. Longevity will also depend on the model of a lacrosse head – high-end brands like STX could have a longer life than a more budget-friendly brand.

What is the stiffest lacrosse head?

STX women’s lacrosse heads are known for their stiffness, making them a popular choice among some advanced female players.

How do you tell if a women's lacrosse stick is illegal?

A woman’s lacrosse stick will be illegal if it’s the wrong length. Women’s lacrosse sticks should be between 35 ½ and 43 ¼ inches long. Sticks can also be deemed illegal if they’re not certified by the proper safety standards for your level of play.