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Learn About Men’s Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse equipment is fundamental for a player's safety, encompassing items such as helmets and gloves that play essential roles in shielding players from the impact of aggressive checks and slashes. The helmet, a key component, safeguards the head and face from potential injuries during the physical nature of the game. Additionally, gloves serve to protect the hands and fingers, not only from opponents' sticks but also from the force of the ball. Beyond safety, having the right equipment is pivotal for a player's confidence and overall performance on the field. Well-fitted gear not only ensures safety but also allows players to concentrate on their skills without distractions.

Lacrosse Men’s Equipment FAQs

What is the required equipment for men's lacrosse?

What do men's lacrosse players wear?

Men’s lacrosse players wear gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, a helmet, an athletic cup, and a mouthguard.

How do I choose lacrosse equipment?

Choosing the right equipment depends on what position you play, goalies will wear different pads than attack. Sizing is also very important, all pads come in standard sizing from XS to XL, a MonkeySports employee can help get your size or you can check out one of our equipment sizing guides at LacrosseMonkey.

How does men’s lacrosse equipment differ from women’s lacrosse equipment? 

 In lacrosse, there's a clear divide in the gear worn by men and women. Men, who face a more aggressive style of play, suit up in an extensive set of protective equipment, including full pads covering shoulders, arms, and hands, along with a helmet featuring a face mask. This array of gear is a testament to the rough and physically demanding nature of men's lacrosse. In contrast, women's lacrosse takes a less armored approach, with players relying primarily on goggles for eye protection. This difference in equipment not only underscores the divergent playing styles but also emphasizes the strategic and tactical disparities between men's and women's lacrosse.

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