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Women’s lacrosse shafts are more than a simple pole that holds the head of the stick. The best women’s lacrosse shafts will have different feels and features that enhance any lacrosse player's game, whether you're an elite player or picking up the sport for the first time. We’ve taken the time to gather information on some of the best women’s lacrosse shafts Lacrosse Monkey has to offer. 

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In this article, we’ll cover:

  • List of the Best Women's Lacrosse Shafts
  • The Importance of a Women's Lacrosse Shaft
  • Factors to Consider When Selecting a Women's Lacrosse Shaft
  • Best Women’s Lacrosse Shafts 2023 by Category


The Nike Victory Elite lacrosse shaft is designed for play in wet or dry conditions and performs consistently no matter what the temperature may be. A flared design reduces stick head rattle, and a teardrop shape fits comfortably in the player’s hand.

Key Features:

  • Crafted especially for 10-degree heads
  • Textured finish for play in most weather conditions
  • Composite material adapts to hot and cold temperature conditions
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The TRUE Undercurrent Composite is one of the top lacrosse shafts for shooters. A weighted handle offers the potential for more shot power without sacrificing too much weight due to the carbon composite materials involved in construction.

Key Features:

  • 25g weight for a 5 - 7% power boost
  • Balanced cradling feel
  • Carbon composite construction
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The TRUE Composite 4.0 Natural Women’s Lacrosse Shaft features innovative BioFLAX construction. With biodegradable flax woven into the carbon fiber, the Composite 4.0 potentially revolutionizes how weight can be reduced and a stiffer shaft can be created without increasing vibration.

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable construction materials are environmentally conscious
  • BioFLAX reduces vibrations
  • Carbon and flax materials are lightweight
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The Brine Edge Carbon Women’s Lacrosse Shaft is crafted from lightweight carbon fiber materials. The handle features an octagon grip for comfortable control and consistent grip.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight carbon composite construction
  • ⅞-inch diameter
  • Soft coat finish grip
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The Epoch Dragonfly Purpose Pro 2 Galaxy Limited Edition is one of the best women’s lacrosse shafts with exclusive outer space visual effects. The Dragonfly Purpose Pro 2 Galaxy LE offers much more that exclusive cosmetics, it’s crafted to appeal to the elite player with its impact resistance, high-modulus carbon fiber and maximum recoil.

Key Features:

  • SVT wrap provides military grade protection
  • iQ9 flex rating for perfect flex
  • Exclusive galaxy cosmetics
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With elite construction, the Nike Lunar Elite 3 is one of the best lacrosse shafts we have to offer. Like other top lacrosse shafts, the Lunar Elite 3 is crafted from the lightest weight carbon fiber materials and performs consistently in every weather environment and temperature.

Key Features:

  • Designed for a 10-degree offset
  • Flared handle design for firm head to handle connection
  • Carbon fiber materials are comfortable at any temperature
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The Importance of a Women's Lacrosse Shaft

The performance of a women’s lacrosse shaft is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. Choosing the right shaft is important as each shaft has different features designed to benefit different positions on the field and the individual's level of play.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Women's Lacrosse Shaft

When looking for the best women’s lacrosse shaft for your lacrosse experience, you should consider a few different factors. The top lacrosse shafts can be crafted from different types of materials that affect weight and consistency. You’ll also want to factor in the shape, or geometry, of the handles, the grip finish, and compatibility with different lacrosse heads.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Shafts 2023 by Category

We have quite a number of women’s lacrosse shafts available, so it may be hard to figure out what is the best lacrosse shaft for you. We’ve taken the time to find a few lacrosse shafts that may be the best choices in different situations.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Shaft for Attack - TRUE Temper Dynamic Women's Lacrosse Shaft

The TRUE Temper Dynamic women’s lacrosse shaft is an ultra-light shaft that provides fast stick speed and has the ability to make quick shots. A raised constructor grip offers incredible control on the move and a soft touch finish offers grip in nearly any weather condition. 

Best Women’s Lacrosse Shaft for Middies - Nike Victory Elite Women's lacrosse Shaft-'22 Model

Midfielders require a good two-way shaft that provides great control in transition. The Nike Victory Elite women’s lacrosse shaft has a textured shaft for better grip and a flared handle for a tight connection between the head and shaft for consistent performance.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Goalie Shaft - Warrior Nemesis 3 Kryptolyte Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Nemesis 3 Kryptolyte Pro is the best lightweight lacrosse shaft for goalies. It’s constructed from Warrior’s Krypto-Pro alloy materials, so this women’s lacrosse shaft is durable enough to take the punishment from shots most goalie sticks face.

Best Lightweight Lacrosse Shaft for Women - TRUE Undercurrent Composite Women's Lacrosse Shaft

The TRUE Undercut Composite is the best lightweight lacrosse shaft due to its balance and responsiveness. A weighted slug in the handle provides more power on shots and the carbon composite materials used in construction are some of the lightest available.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Shaft for Beginners - Brine Edge Carbon Women's Lacrosse Shaft

Beginning lacrosse players require a stick that offers consistent control and doesn’t require an advanced level of skill for performance. The Brine Edge Carbon women’s lacrosse shaft is tailored for all around gameplay in order for newer and younger players to learn the skills necessary to enjoy the game.

The Brine Dynasty Composite is a great choice for women’s lacrosse players on a budget. It’s one of the more affordable women’s lacrosse shafts crafted from lightweight carbon fiber. It has a rubber end cap for control and a grip stick finish for solid handling in many weather conditions.

Best Youth Women's Lacrosse Shaft - STX Crux 400 Women's Lacrosse Shaft

With a consistent flex profile and a slimmer diameter, the STX Crux 400 is an ideal choice for younger lacrosse players. Made from alloy materials, this girl’s lacrosse shaft will offer steady performance while remaining durable during practice and gameplay.

Elite women’s lacrosse players require an elite stick, and the Epoch Dragonfly Purpose Elite is designed for the experienced women’s lacrosse player. Epoch’s Reactive Technology Progressive Weave process increases energy transfer to add power and responsiveness in most situations. An iQ9 flex rating offers the perfect amount of flex for the elite lacrosse player.

There are quite a number of brands that manufacture women’s lacrosse shafts, and Lacrosse Monkey carries many of the best women’s lacrosse shaft brands. You’ll have no problem finding great models from brands such as:

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