The Best Defense Lacrosse Heads for 2022 (with reviews)

The most important piece of equipment in lacrosse is the lacrosse head. Finding the right head for you and your playstyle might be the most important decision in lacrosse. You want your head to complement your play style and position. To see more options, check out our full selection of defense lacrosse heads.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The Top 10 Best Defense Lacrosse Heads
  • Choosing the Right Type of Defense Lacrosse Head
  • The Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads by category

Top 10 Defense Lacrosse Heads

1. Maverik Tank 2.0 Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Tank 2.0 is an absolute dream to use on the defensive side of the field. The 6-Strut design provides maximum stiffness made to hold up through checks and physical play. The Ground Control scoop is perfectly designed tos scoop up ground balls with ease. Maverik uses their Duratough Materials plastic to keep the head perfectly balanced between stiffness and lightness. Tank 2.0 features a super wide design that makes catching at the end of a pole much easier than a more pinched head. This also gives more of an area to connect checks and scoop up ground balls. And of course, it comes in Maverik’s signature 4 factory colors to let you stand out on the field.

Key Features:

  • Super wide face shape
  • 6-Strut side rail for added stiffness
  • Duratough Materials plastic holds up against hard checks

2. STX X20 Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The X20 might just be an attackman's worst nightmare. From the super stiff design to the jagged edges on the side, this head is sure to leave an impression on every player it comes across. Coming off the success of the X10, the X20 modernizes the classic Excalibur line from STX. Fan favorite EnduraForm™ plastic keeps the head stiff and light. The SpeedScoop™ allows for easier ground ball pickups and protects the top strings from damage over time. This head feels wider than it is and knocks down any pass that comes your way. This makes for easier catching as well as more surface area to throw checks and pick up GBs.

Key Features:

  • Wide face shape
  • Channel Lock top string to give you a smooth release off the top
  • EnduraForm™ plastic keeps the head stiff

3. Warrior Evo QX Offense Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Warrior Evo QX comes from a long line of Evo heads that have been synonyms with success in lacrosse. The QX defense features a slightly more pinched face than traditional defensive heads. Built with a mid to high pocket in mind this head provides a snappy feel on passes for a quicker release. Using Warrior’s Therma-Loc resin this head maintains its head shape and stiffness even after consistent use. It also features an optional Loc-Throat device which is an added piece of plastic inserted at the bottom of the head. This creates a tighter connection between the head and shaft to reduce rattling.

Key Features:

  • Mid to High pocket location
  • Therma-Loc resin to reduce warping
  • Optional Loc-Throat

4. ECD Lacrosse Rebel Unstrung Defense Lacrosse Head


The ECD Rebel Defense isn’t your traditional wide d-pole head. With a more pinched face shape and aggressive pinch defenders have more of an advantage with the ball in their stick. The rounded scoop guides ground balls more easily into the pocket and creates a quicker release off the top of the head. With ECD’s knowledge of stringing, the Rebel Defense is built to be easily strung in all sorts of styles. The sidewall holes are easy to work with and strategically placed to give you any pocket location that suits your play style.

Key Features:

  • More pinched face shape for easier handling
  • Rounded scoop for ground balls and quick release
  • Built with stringing in mind

5. StringKing Mark 2T Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Mark 2T has a strikingly unique look right off the bat. A multitude of stringing holes unlocks this head for any pocket location that suits you best. StringKing targeted areas of weakness and strategically added more material to make this head stiffer. They also reduced material in areas with low breakage to create a lighter but still ultra stiff head. The Mark 2T features a slightly more pinched at the bottom face shape to allow for more control of the ball. While the top of the head is still wide enough to catch passes at the end of a long pole.

Key Features:

  • Many stringing holes for complete customization
  • Strategic stiffness to keep the head light but stiff
  • Wide enough for catching but tighter towards the bottom for ball control

6. Maverik Havok Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Maverik Havok is built for a d-pole looking for more control of the ball in their stick. It’s slightly more pinched or tight face shape keeps the ball secure in the pocket when maneuvering through traffic. Havok’s “Ground Control” is an aggressive scoop angle designed to easily scoop up ground balls when using a long stick. It juts out and away from the center of head and creates the perfect angle of attack for ground balls.  Using Maverik’s Duratough plastic this allows for increased stiffness and consistency across all weather conditions. For pocket location, we would suggest a mid-high pocket to take advantage of the Level 4 Bottom Rail design. The Havok, like all new Maverik heads, is available in 4 factory colors to customize your setup without the hassle of dying the head.

Key Features:

  • Tighter face shape than typical d-pole heads
  • Multiple strut rails that create a lightweight and stiff design
  • Aggressive scoop angle engineered specifically for lone pole use

7. STX Hammer 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head


Hammer 900 comes from a long line of defensive heads that have been dominating the sport of lacrosse. The 900 version features EnderaForm™️ plastic that keeps the head stiff while also maintaining a light feel. The STX SpeedScoop™️ provides that rounded edge for easier ground balls and an added layer of protection for top strings. The Hammer 900 is slightly more pinched than the previous versions creating a head that allows for more control of the ball when carrying it up the field. This head is perfect for a pole who wants to push transition and have the ball in their stick.

Key Features:

  • Tighter face shape than previous Hammers
  • EnderaForm™️ Plastic keeps the head stiff but light
  • SpeedScoop™️ for easy ground ball pickups

8. StringKing Mark 2D Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Mark 2D gives you over 29 sidewall holes to completely customize your pocket. It also features an ultra-stiff construction and a wider face shape (than the 2T) designed with harder checks and better ground balls in mind. The top half of the head slightly comes forward creating an incredible angle of attack for easier ground ball pick up. If you're looking for a wider head that doesn’t lose that high level of feel check out the StringKing Mark 2D.

Key Features:

  • 29 sidewall holes
  • Wide face shape
  • Perfect attack angle for ground balls

9. Nike Alpha Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Nike Alpha Elite is the first defensive-specific head in Nike’s lacrosse catalogue, and it does not disappoint. Alpha Elite is made with a high performance material that remains stiff and tough without adding unnecessary weight or bulk. It features a “broad shoulders” design at the top of the head, an aggressive flair, and a wide area for passing and catching. Featuring 16 sideallholes, the Alpha Elite is a high pocket head that allows the ball to sit back further in the pocket and zip passes all over the field.

Key Features:

  • High performance plastic that maintains stiffness
  • Tight feel but wide enough for easy catching
  • 16 large stringing holes for easy setup

10. Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Strung Lacrosse Head


All the benefits of a tough defensive head with zero maintenance required. The Reg Max Warp let’s you just focus on your game without worrying about stringing or mesh. It features maximum strength and stiffness with a super consistent pocket. The SymRail symmetrical sidewall reduces weight and adds extra stability by reducing some inner sidewall material to match the outer rails. If you’re looking for a no nonsense head that will hold up to weather and tough checks, the Reg Max Warp Pro is the head for you.

Key Features:

  • Pre-strung with Warp pocket
  • Tough construction to hold up checks
  • Loc-Throat to keep your head secure on the shaft

Choosing the Right Type of Defense Lacrosse Head

Choosing the best d-pole head can seem daunting at first, but just identifying individual needs is a great first step. These simple components: position, playstyle, and overall value make up the characteristics necessary to find your personal best. These are the typical characteristics poles will consider when looking for a head to fit their position:

Close Defense:

  • Wide face
  • Durability for hard checks
  • High pocket for a snappy release

Long Stick Middie (LSM):

  • Slightly tighter face shape for ball control
  • Stiffness to hold up on physical ground balls
  • Mid to high pocket for more versatility

Best Close Defense Lacrosse Head

This is a tough call with so many great heads out there but we are going to go with the STX X20 Unstrung Lacrosse Head. Not only does it feature a wide face shape that defenders look for but the EnduraForm™ plastic keeps this head lightweight but still stiff. The head is easy to string and takes a high pocket very well.

Best Long Stick Middie Lacrosse Head

Ever since its release in 2018, the Maverik Havok Unstrung Lacrosse Head has been on the top of so many LSMs sticks for good reason. The more pinched profile lends itself to carrying the ball through traffic. With such a heavy duty sidewall construction, the Havok can hold up to wing play as well as hard checks.

Most Versatile Defensive Lacrosse Head

The Warrior EVO QX Defense Unstrung Lacrosse Head takes the prize here because it could honestly be used at short stick or long pole. Zach Currier, midfielder for the Waterdogs in the PLL, has been using it for over a year with great success. It also plays really well at LSM or close defense because of its durable plastic and classic Evo sidewall design.

The Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Strung Lacrosse Head is the best bang for your buck because it’s the full package right out of the box. This is a fully functioning head for just $109.99 right from the jump. It also has a no maintenance pocket because of the Warp technology. It’s the easiest level of entry to the position and saves a lot of hassle that lacrosse heads can provide.

Best Lacrosse Head Brands

Whenever you are looking for a lacrosse head, you can’t go wrong with one from Maverik, Warrior, or STX lacrosse heads. They have heads built for every position and level of play. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out our selection of ECD Lacrosse or StringKing heads for a unique take on different lacrosse heads.

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This article was originally published on September 26, 2021, and has been updated with new information.