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Lacrosse players know the importance of equipment that can protect every quarter, from start to the finish of the game. That’s why having the best lacrosse helmet is essential. There are tons of good options out there, but knowing which helmet to choose can be overwhelming. We’ll take a look at some of the awesome lacrosse helmets available today in this guide, best lacrosse helmets for 2022. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • List of the Top 10 Overall Lacrosse Helmets
  • Best Lacrosse Helmets by Type
  • How to Choose a Lacrosse Helmet
  • Best Lacrosse Helmet FAQs

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List of the Top 10 Overall Lacrosse Helmets

In the following lacrosse helmet reviews, we’ll look at some of the best lacrosse helmets available on the market today.

Type: Adult

Key Features: Cascade’s Vixion system boosts peripheral vision by 20 percent or more, creating maximum vision opportunities. It’s complemented by the Visionbar PowerPress tech that reduces the wire diameter on the top bar, providing better sight lines and rigidity.

Our Review: There’s a lot to like about the Cascade XRS. The unique liner technology puts safety front and center. Its features maximize protection for the crown while minimizing impacts at the front and facemask, with added protection for the jawbone. The one-size-fits-most design also features improved ventilation ports for better breathability.

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Type: Youth

Key Features: The CPV-R features an EPP Liner system, the first in Cascade’s R-Series to use the foam that’s common in many other sporting helmets. It’s a high-impact, multi-impact foam that resorts to its original shape and protects players from slashes, shots, and impacts.

Our Review: If you’re looking for a youth helmet that features safety first, this is one of the best youth lacrosse helmets for any young player. The foam padding, Chevron mask and R-Series shell are designed to minimize impact, increase downward vision, and reduce wind resistance. At just 1.9 pounds, it’s lightweight and features the SPRfit adjustable ratchet system that offers optimal control on how the helmet fits.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: The first of the Warrior lacrosse helmets on our list, the Burn Matte features the Viconic diffusion plate, which absorbs shock from direct and twisting impacts, spreading them across a broad surface area. The diffusion system includes a one-piece shell and foam liner to protect the occipital lobe and temples.

Our Review: Warrior hits the mark with a helmet that’s designed to prevent injury. It includes the Adaptfit 270 system, which sits at the rear of the helmet and surrounds the head to 270 degrees, letting players dial in the right fit and make quick changes, even mid-game. It also comes in three sizes for the utmost flexibility.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: The OmniShock Protection System with Impax foam uses absorb pods that diffuse energy at key impact points – the occipital lobe, frontal lobe, and temples, protecting against linear and twisting impacts.

Our Review: There’s a lot to like in the Fatboy Alpha. In addition to the Omnishock protection, this is one of the coolest lacrosse helmets out there today due to the removable flow liner pads. The pads are treated with Polygiene, meaning they absorb sweat and dry quickly.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: The brand-new Evo includes the new BOA Fit system. Partnering with BOA, Warrior has designed a helmet that’s both customizable and convenient, offering a unique feature in lacrosse helmets today.

Our Review: With one of the newest fit systems available and the same quality users expect from Warrior, the Evo helmet is one to give a close look to. The Evo system provides the type of customization today’s players expect. The Viconic EAS liner system employs technologies used in automotive design to optimize protection from head-on impacts.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: The XRS uses EAFx, a high-permeance impact foam to provide the best possible protection for the head. When an impact is felt, the EAFx unites with the shell and liner to maintain shape and add comfort.

Our Review: Like other new Cascade helmets, the Cascade XRS is top of the line in quality and comfort. The XRS features the Tri-Liner system that uses three different technologies to lower the forces in various impacts. The helmet’s XFio ventilation ports improve breathability, while the Vixion system enhances peripheral vision and widens sight lines.

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Type: Youth

Key Features: The SuperMono™ S Shell on the Cascade S Youth Custom helmet is a one-piece solution for shell and visor combined, shifting the center of gravity to the middle of the crown, keeping the weight balanced with a rigid system that reduces impact of front collisions.

Our Review: The S has the top Cascade safety features – including the new Tri-Liner system, VisionBar facemask, SuperMono™  S Shell, and NV3 impact foam. Collectively, these technologies integrate to provide a powerful set of protections. It also features larger ventilation ports for better airflow.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: The helmet’s Chevron Mask uses a V shape center in the latitude bars, giving players better vision to find ground balls, a key skill players at any level.

Our Review: We like the sense of style with the CPV-R that goes with the trademark safety features that Cascade is known for. They include the new SPRfit adjustable occipital pad system, which can be changed on the go. The fact that the Chevron Mask design can intimidate opponents is a bonus.

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Type: Adult

Key Features: Imagine a helmet that takes a hit, displaces the energy from the collision and, within seconds, resets itself. That’s what the XRS offers with Seven Tech ™  + impact compression technology.

Our Review: The XRS provides the Tri-Liner impact technologies, ventilation ports that boost breathability, peripheral vision enhancements, and the EAFx impact foam, making this helmet an ideal choice for safety and comfort. A hot feature not seen on other helmets is the Hardtail SPRFIT cheek pads.

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Type: Youth

Key Features: The CS-R upgrades its fit technology with the Full Pivot System that helps fit the heads of players younger than 12 years old. The rear third of the liner pivots to grasp the head securely, ensuring a better, safer fit.

Our Review: These lacrosse helmets are great for highly competitive younger players. The PoronXRD foam liner and memory foam, along with the FutureStar Mono R Shell that combines shell and visor are ideal for younger players as they disperse the energy from collisions. There’s also the pivot system for the rear of the head and the side-fit system and liner that further reduce and disperse energy impact.

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Best Lacrosse Helmets by Type

Best Youth Lacrosse Helmet

The Maverik Charger EKG shoulder pads provide a high level of protection for young players, making them the best youth lacrosse shoulder pads on the market today. While players at all levels need to be aware of the safety features their gear offers them, young players especially should have maximum levels of protection. The Charger EKG has extra shoulder and bicep protection while the EKG chest protector helps distribute impacts to the chest away from the heart.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Helmet / Goggles

The Maverik Max EKG Goalie lacrosse chest pad combines Maverik’s EKG chest protector with flexible padding to protect the rest of a goalie’s front. Lacrosse goalies face the most front-facing impacts from balls, so having the best lacrosse chest protector is critical to keeping goalies safe. The flexible padding surrounding the chest protector allows goalies to move, unhindered, while still being able to best-protect their goal.

Best Goalie Lacrosse Helmet

Attackers in lacrosse are subject to a lot of abuse from defenders, so having the best lacrosse attack shoulder pads for protection is essential to keeping them in the game. The STX Cell 5 pads are the best lacrosse shoulder pads for attack because they offer customizable levels of protection, with removable bicep pads and a GeoFlex II system that allows them to move fluidly and get shots on goal.

Most Protective Lacrosse Helmet

Middies need speed, flexibility, and mobility to help transition from defense to attack while battling for loose balls, which is why they need the best lacrosse shoulder pads for midfield. The Maverik M5 EKG Speed pads are the best lacrosse shoulder pads for middies because they offer great protection, while allowing players to move freely, and the Quickdry liner keeps middies cool and dry.

Best Budget Lacrosse Helmet

Defenders have a tough job on the field, so having the best lacrosse defense shoulder pads is a must. They need to move quickly to stop dodging attackers while having the confidence to step in front of shots. For a slimmed down version that offers better mobility than the bulkier shoulder pads, the best lacrosse shoulder pads for defense is the TRUE Zerolyte shoulder pads liner. The combination of high-density foam for protection, with a focus on mobility, keeps defenders safe while allowing them to move freely.

How to Choose a Lacrosse Helmet

Selecting the right lacrosse helmet means knowing about the best ways to protect the head while still finding the flexibility, sightlines, and functionality needed to be successful in the game. Choosing the right cool lacrosse helmets requires understanding the various components – the shell, visor, facemask, chin bar, and other elements – and the proper way to size a helmet.

To learn more, check out our complete guide on How to Choose a Lacrosse Helmet.

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Best Lacrosse Helmets FAQs

Do lacrosse helmets expire?

Yes. Helmets should be recertified annually by an approved reconditioner. Helmets 10 years old and older cannot be recertified or reconditioned.

How can I make my lacrosse helmet more comfortable?

Make sure your helmet is the right size and make sure that you rest the helmet ½ to 1 inch above your eyebrows. Adjust the chin strap to ensure a secure fit. Make sure the straps follow your jawline.

How do you put a mouthguard on a lacrosse helmet?

No, you cannot use hockey shoulder pads for lacrosse. You must use shoulder pads and chest protectors that are designed specifically for the game of lacrosse and that meet the NOCSAE safety requirements.

How do you attach a lacrosse helmet to glasses?

The best option for using glasses with your lacrosse helmet is to get a sports goggle prescription that allows you to put on the goggles before you strap on your helmet.