30 of the Best Lacrosse Gift Ideas for Players and Fans (2023)

It’s that time of year again! Holidays are the best time to grab something special for the lacrosse lover in your life. We’ve put together 30 of the Best Lacrosse Gifts for 2023. LacrosseMonkey is excited to bring you all of your shopping needs for lacrosse equipment this year.

Best Gifts for Lacrosse Players

1. Cascade XRS Pro QuickKlip Custom Lacrosse Helmet


Every lacrosse player could (probably) use a new helmet. The Cascade XRS is the cream of the crop and a must have.

The Cascade XRS provides one the most comfortable helmets ever created for lacrosse. The EAFx is a high performance foam that provides maxim protection to the crown of the head against dangerous impacts. The custom XRS provides over 9.6 million different color combinations allowing for any crazy combination you can think of!.

2. Sisu Aero NextGen Mouthguard


Struggling to communicate with your mouthguard? Check out the SISU Aero NextGen that folds and molds custom to your teeth.

Every lacrosse player hates their mouthguard at some point. The SISU Aero NextGen changes that with it’s uniquely small design and molding process. They come in a multitude of colors and are a fan favorite amongst players. 

3. STX Shaft Lock - 2 Pack


This clever device eliminates one of the most annoying aspects of lacrosse, the head rattle.

The Shaft Lock uses STX’s proprietary technology to create a more secure connection between the head and shaft. This eliminates the need for tape under the head or other head rattle tricks. The plastic device fits most 1 inch men’s and women’s shafts making it a great buy for every player.

4. ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft Mesh Stringing Kit


Is the lacrosse player in your life a stringer? The ECD Hero 3.0 Stringing kit is the perfect package of all you need to tie up a fresh stick.

The ECD Hero 3.0 Stringing Kit comes with 1 mesh piece, 5 sidewalls, 3 strings, 2 nylons, and a self tapping screw. The complete package for any avid stringer. The Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft mesh is one of if not the most widely used mesh in lacrosse.

5. StringKing Butt End - 2 Pack


One of the most elusive lacrosse accessories, the butt end is easy to lose and something every player needs a few extra of.

The StringKing Butt Ends fit very snuggly to any 1 inch shaft and stay on securely during play. The seamless tapper proves a smooth transition from the shaft to the rubber butt end when sliding your hand around. Available in a 2 pack, this is sure to be a must have in any player’s gear bag.

Best Gifts for Lacrosse Fans

1. Brine Back Yard War Goal


Bring the fun to your backyard with the Brine War Goal.

This small net is perfect for backyard games and challenges. The cutouts around the corners provide precise targets for shooting training. The lightweight 4 x 4 goal is a great addition to any lacrosse fan’s life.

2. STX 4 Pack Wristband


Add some flair to your game with the STX 4 Pack of Wristbands.

These small wristbands provide a pop of color and style to any lacrosse fan’s wardrobe. The 4 pack provides different unique colors to match your look. The 1.5 inch bands stretch to perfection around your arm or legs.

3. A&R Lacrosse Player Magnet


Add this cool magnet to your car or fridge to show the world you are a part of the lacrosse community.

This 5 inch decal is available in both black or white. They stand out on any car rolling up to a tournament or home fridge. They are easy to use and remove with no hassle.

Best Gifts for Lacrosse Coaches

1. Fox 40 Electronic Whistle


Save your favorite coach’s lungs with the handy and convenient Fox 40 Electronic Whistle.

This whistle cuts through the noise of practice at 100 dB and has 3 different distinct sounds to choose from. The push button takes the hassle out of blowing a whistle for a full practice. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any coach in your life. 

2. ECD Lacrosse Shooting Target


Looking to spice up practice? Grab a couple ECD Shooting Targets and change the way you approach training.

These blue targets make an incredible thud sound when absolutely tattooing a corner. They help develop precise shooting and create specific areas of the net to aim for. The rubber material holds up to constant use and the attachment system is simple to use on any area of the goal.

3. STX Coach's Clipboard


Every coach needs an easy way to deliver their message to their team.

The STX Clipboard comes available for both men’s or women’s lacrosse fields and is easy to use. The two-sided erase board makes drawing up plays a breeze on the sideline. The handy dry erase marker attaches to the board for hassle free transportation during tournaments or season games.

4. Brine NOCSAE/NFHS Lacrosse Balls - 6 Pack


You can’t coach without a couple lacrosse balls and the Brine 6 Pack is the perfect bundle.

Available in multiple colors, these NOCSAE/NFHS Lacrosse Balls are legal for every level of play. The 6 pack gives you enough balls to run some side drills or even run a full 6 v 6 practice. These are an easy gift for the coach in your life and something they always need.

5. Renfrew White Cloth Hockey Tape - 3 Pack


”Coach I need some tape, do you have any?” With the Renfrew 3 pack you’ll never run out on the sideline.

This 3 pack is an easy throw into any coach’s backpack or ball bag. The woven cotton cloth tape feels incredible on the stick and creates a solid grip on the lacrosse shaft. The rolls are 1 inch wide and 27 yards long leaving you enough tape to last a while.

Best Lacrosse Gifts for Her

1. Brine Dynasty Women's Lacrosse Gloves - '22 Model


As the colder months approach, don’t let her practice in latex gloves. Try the Dynasty Women’s Lacrosse gloves to keep her hands safe and warm.

The dual density foam is placed in key areas of the hand around the knuckles and backhand to give that added cushion for protection. Cropped backhand allows for easy motion and freedom of movement. The gel tab and velcro system provides a better fit and seal for her hands.

2. Brine Tieback Headband


Ditch the pre-wrap headband and grab one of the Brine Tieback Headbands.

These soft athletic material headbands keep hair out of your face. They are available in three different colors to fit your style or team’s look. They are easy to wash and are the perfect stocking stuffer for the women’s player in your life.

3. Brine Blueprint Lacrosse Backpack - '20 Model


Don’t roll up to the fields struggling to hold all your gear in your arms. The Brine Blueprint gives you the ultimate carrying experience.

The Blueprint is available in 5 different subtle colors to fit your color preference. With a laptop sleeve, vented shoe pocket, and stick loops you can use this bag for all your travel needs. The padded back panel is comfortable against your back and provides an easy carrying experience.

Best Lacrosse Gifts for Christmas

1. STX Fiddle 3 Stick Game Set


Gather around the tree and start a game of 1 v 1 in your living room this holiday season.

The STX Fiddle 3 Stick is a perfect party starter and indoor game for any lacrosse family. The set comes with 2 mini sticks and 1 mini goalie stick for ultimate fun. The lightweight plastic goal is easy to move around and the set comes with soft balls for safe indoor play.

2. Skate Lace Senior Pullover Hoody


Cozy up this Chrsistmas season with our Skate Lace Pullover Hoody.

This comfy sweater features a hockey jersey style neckline using skate lace. The front pocket has loads of space for keeping your hands warm. The elastic bindings keep the sweater tight to the body and provide a snuff fit.

3. Theragun Prime


Theragun has taken the world by storm, and the Prime is a perfect gift for a lacrosse athlete who loves new tech.

The prime gives deep muscle treatment to sore areas of your body. An easy to use app connects to the device and helps you find the best treatment for you. The vibrations reach deep into your muscles to stimulate circulation, generate hea, and release your deepest tensions.

Best Gifts for Your Lacrosse Boyfriend

1. StringKing Athletic Crew Socks


Keep his feet warm and his style on point with these custom StringKing Crew Socks.

StringKing uses their high quality custom materials to create a sock with the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The socks breathe easily and keep your feet from overheating to stay cool and comfortable. Available in 3 colors, these socks are sure to be hit.

2. A&R Pocket Pounder


Is he a stringer? He could probably use a sick new pocket pounder to truly finish those tie ups.

This cut shaft with rubber attachment perfectly rounds out and finishes your pocket after stringing. The lacrosse shaft design will feel familiar and easy to use for any die hard player. It is also perfect for adding that finishing touch to your pocket before games.

3. Warrior Rec Dept Beanie


Winter is coming and you have to keep his head warm for the spring season.

This Warrior beanie comes in 3 different colors to fit his style. The pom-pom top detail is a nice touch for a classic design. One Size Fits All sizing will work for any head size.

Best Gifts for Lacrosse Goalies

1. Cascade TP-S Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guard


Is your goalie still using their starter throat guard? Give them an upgrade this year to the TP-S Throat Guard.

This Cascade product fits all modern Cascade helmets with an easy to use strapping system. The heavy duty plastic protects their throat from oncoming shots and holds up. It offers protection from ear to ear across the neck giving your player complete peace of mind to make any save between the pipes.

2. Maverik M5 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves


Make sure their thumb is protected and they use the correct style of glove. Grab the Maverik M5 to keep those thumbs safe.

The thumb is one of the easiest parts of the body to injure as a goalie. They are the most exposed part of the hand, and if hit head on can lead to breaks and other injuries. These gloves follow up on the #1 selling M4 gloves with a redesigned fit for better movement and feel.

3. STX Contour Lacrosse Shin Guards


Keep those shins safe and protected with the STX Contour Shin Guards.

Easy to wear the Contour Shin Guards slip on easily and sit flush to the goalies legs. These are easy to wear under a pair of sweatpants or long socks. The padding gives that extra cushion on such an exposed part of a goalie.

Best Personalized Lacrosse Gifts

1. Warrior Iso Warp Mesh


One of the coolest creations in lacrosse, the Warrior Iso Warp Mesh is a must try for any lacrosse player.

The mesh gives you a perfect pocket location with its larger holes. The Warp technology holds up incredibly well to weather and wet conditions. This new innovation is a fun new addition to any stringer’s collection.

2. True Lacrosse Backpack


Everyone could use a new backpack and the True Lacrosse Backpack is the perfect fit.

This spacious bag has tons of pockets to store all your belongings. This bag even features a laptop compartment for easy classroom to field travel. This bag is the perfect addition to any lacrosse player’s life.

3. LacrosseMonkey E-gift Certificate


Can’t figure out what to get them? Why not let them pick with a LacrosseMonkey E-Gift Card.

These make the perfect gift for someone who is hard to shop for or too specific in what they need. Our gift cards are available from $20 all the way up to $150. This is perfect for that small accessory they might need or a brand new stick.


This article was originally published on November 30, 2021, and has been updated with new information.