Women’s lacrosse gloves

Choosing the right pair of women’s lacrosse gloves is essential for comfort, stick control, safety, and overall enjoyment of the game for female lacrosse players. With so many options available though, it might be difficult to find the right gloves for your level of play. Don’t worry, because we’ve got all the info you need to select the right lacrosse gloves women players need for every skill level and age group.

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In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Features
  • How Should Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Fit?
  • Women’s Lacrosse Glove Sizing Chart
  • Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Brands
  • Women’s Lacrosse Gloves FAQs

 Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Features

While protective women’s lacrosse goalie gloves are required, most leagues do not make other position players wear this protective gear. That said, the majority of players will agree, the right gloves are a great way to improve your game. Women’s lacrosse gloves should ideally be worn for an added level of protection and a better overall game experience.

The right pair of lacrosse gloves have several features that offer multiple advantages over playing barehanded.

  • Padding: Most lacrosse gloves women players wear offer padded knuckles and finger joints to protect from errant balls and sticks.
  • Texture: Beyond protection, the palms of quality women’s lacrosse gloves will be textured to provide better grip and control on the lacrosse stick.
  • Breathable material: Many types of gloves, especially women’s warm weather lacrosse gloves, are crafted from breathable mesh materials and high-tech designs that allow air flow to wick away moisture from sweat, which is especially great on those hot gamedays.
  • Fit: A perfect fit will improve your game by offering a firm, comfortable grip on the shaft of your stick. You want to choose gloves that are a bit snug at first, as they’ll soften and loosen up to offer an ideal fit after just a few wears.

How Should Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Fit?

Even if you buy the best women’s lacrosse gloves on the market, you won’t get the most out of your purchase unless you take the time to find the right fit. When purchasing your new lacrosse gloves, it’s important to consider a few factors that’ll ensure you get an optimal fit.

First, women’s lacrosse gloves should fully cover the palm of your hand in order to provide the best coverage for your grip on the stick. 

Your fingers should also extend to the end of the fingertips of the glove, without excessive slack. 

However, if your fingers are cramped, or if you’re unable to bend them enough to form a firm, solid grip, the gloves might be too small. 

Most importantly, it’s normal for brand new gloves to fit snugly, but that tight fit will wear off once the gloves are broken in. Just be sure that the gloves you choose aren’t too snug initially, or they’ll cause discomfort or hinder your movement.

What Size Lacrosse Gloves Should I Get? Women’s Lacrosse Glove Sizing Chart

Lacrosse glove sizes tend to line up with standard glove sizes, but some of lacrosse gloves womens styles may be better fitted by hand measurement rather than glove size. 

As noted above, gloves should initially fit snugly, but the ultimate fit and feel can be individual. Different women lacrosse players might prefer a different fit and feel in their glove, so there’s some room for expert players to play in a size up or down, depending on individual preference. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to go with the proper size for your hand measurement.

The easiest way to determine lacrosse glove sizing is to use a women’s lacrosse glove size chart. Sizes will generally range from an XS for a 6” hand (or for younger players) up to an XL for hands over 7 and ¾ inches.

Women’s Lacrosse Gloves Brands

There are several manufacturers of women’s lacrosse gloves on the market, each with different styles and features. With such a great variety of quality brands that carry lacrosse gloves girl’s players can choose from, just a little research can help you find the right brand and style glove for your game.

Brine women’s lacrosse gloves are designed with a slightly looser feel that often appeals to high-school and college-age players. Brine offers a solid mix of comfort and flexibility without sacrificing too much stick control.

Maverik women’s lacrosse gloves are crafted to give female players the best feel for control of the shaft. Maverik gloves tend towards snugness. They also offer some lines of women’s lacrosse gloves with a looser fit that’s designed for beginners and intermediate players.

Higher end STX women’s lacrosse gloves are tailored towards advanced female lacrosse players. They generally have a snugger fit that’s not restrictive, but may be difficult for younger players to get used to. While STX Strike women’s lacrosse gloves are often worn by players on top tier teams, they do have an expansive line that includes gear for younger players and those newer to the game.

Under Armour is known throughout the world of sports for their superior technology and well-made design that will last, season after season. Women’s lacrosse gloves by Under Armour are made with molded foam technology that offers the flexibility and protection players are looking for in a glove. The HeatGear liner keeps moisture at bay, and the Velcro pull system makes a near-custom fit that ensures comfort every game. 

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Now that you’ve had an overview on how to choose your next pair of women’s lacrosse gloves, it’s time to find the perfect pair for your level of play. 

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Women’s Lacrosse Gloves FAQs

Do female lacrosse players wear gloves?

While gloves are not required in many female lacrosse leagues, a lot of women lacrosse players do choose to wear them. Women’s lacrosse gloves offer huge advantages in comfort, protection, and stick control compared to playing the game barehanded.

Should lacrosse gloves be tight?

Lacrosse gloves should fit snugly, especially when you’re first selecting them, but beware of excessive tightness, which may be a sign that the gloves are too small. To ensure your lacrosse gloves aren’t too small, make sure that you have a comfortable grip and your fingertips aren’t straining the material at the end of the glove.

How do you choose lacrosse gloves?

Many factors go into choosing women’s lacrosse gloves. Ultimately it may just come down to personal preference. Players in hotter climates might want to find women’s lacrosse warm weather gloves that are designed to wick away sweat and provide airflow. Other players, however, may want a glove with enhanced palms for grip or extra padding on the knuckles.