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Anyone who has played women’s lacrosse is familiar with Brine. Brine has been manufacturing cutting-edge lacrosse equipment since 1950. They provide equipment for every level of women’s lacrosse from beginner to expert. With such a broad product line, you’re guaranteed to find any products from goggles and gloves to shafts and heads.

Brine Women's LacrosseBrine Women's Lacrosse

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Brine uses leading technology and materials to provide high-quality shafts for elite players. With options for different shaft colors and alloy or carbon composite variations.

Brine offers heads for any age or level of play, from beginner to professional. Their head lines include customization options such as color or how the head is strung.

Brine has an extensive selection of women’s complete sticks, offering several options for any level of play, from beginner to elite. With customization options such as color and how the complete stick is strung.

Brine’s Goggles are designed around being comfortable. Their goggles are lightweight, low-profile, and offer superior vision. All goggles meet/exceed new SEI standards.

Brine uses Premium materials and leading technology to develop gloves that are not only comfortable but breathable and offer maximum protection too. Available in multiple colors and sizes for all ages.

Brine is constantly looking to implement new technology in their products. Check out the newest heads with the newest features from Brine.

Brine is always ready to release new and updated shafts. Check out the latest releases from Brine.

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Brine Designs all of its equipment with the elite player in mind, allowing the player to compete at the highest level. With a product line that extends to nearly any type of lacrosse equipment, you’re sure to find whatever you need from Brine.

Brine Lacrosse Equipment FAQs

Is Brine a good brand for lacrosse equipment?

Brine has been manufacturing women’s lacrosse equipment since 1950 and is currently trusted by multiple universities and professional teams to provide the highest quality of equipment.

What equipment does Brine sell for lacrosse?

Brine offers nearly every type of lacrosse equipment. Their product offerings include heads, shafts, complete sticks, gloves, goggles, and other accessories.

What is the best Brine lacrosse head?

The Edge Pro is Brine’s top-of-the-line head used by elite players at the collegiate and professional levels.

What is the best Brine lacrosse shaft?

The Edge Pro shaft is Brine’s premier shaft, engineered to be Brine’s lightest shaft ever.

What is the best Brine lacrosse complete stick?

The Edge Pro+ complete stick combines Brine’s lightest shaft with its most durable head and a weatherproof ISO mesh runner, creating Brine’s most advanced complete stick to date.

What is the best Brine lacrosse protective?

Due to its breathability and superior protection, the Brine Dynasty Women’s Lacrosse glove is trusted by elite players at the highest levels.

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