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For years, complete lacrosse sticks were simply an economical option for beginners just learning the game. Companies such as Warrior Sports and StringKing have advanced the playing field, providing complete stick options with sophisticated technology. Our list of 2022’s Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks will guide beginners and elite players alike, identifying and defining what comprises top 10 lacrosse sticks.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders and Beginners

If you’re looking for the best complete lacrosse sticks, you’re likely looking to advance your game. To identify the best stick, many factors come into play, including position and skill level. When we comprised our list of the Best Lacrosse Sticks for 2022, we evaluated complete sticks based upon factors such as age, position, playing style and value. We even took into account other lacrosse stick reviews. We’ve put it all together for you, making it simple to choose the best stick to enhance your game.

Each position in lacrosse has different needs when it comes to lacrosse sticks. Below we identify what a player in each of the three key positions should consider when choosing a stick.


  • Lightweight
  • Mid to low pocket
  • Tight throat
  • 30” shaft


  • Lightweight yet durable material
  • 30” shaft
  • Mid pocket most often, yet individualized


  • Durable material
  • Wide head
  • High pocket
  • 60” shaft

1. STX Stallion 900 Complete Lacrosse Stick

New for 2021, STX adds another top tier head to their Stallion product line with the Stallion 900 Unstrung Lacrosse Head.

Position: Attack, Midfield

Why We Love It:

  • EnduraForm™ plastic
  • STX’s redesigned Speed Scoop™
  • Innerlock™
  • Features the deepest legal offset for increased ball feel and retention
  • Elite stringing with Memory Mesh Super Soft
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2. StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Lacrosse Stick

One of the best values on the market, the StringKing Complete 2 Intermediate Attack Stick offers the StringKing Technology of their advanced Mark 2 lacrosse head coupled with an ultralight shaft. Available in four versions for optimal versatility, this is expected to be a best lacrosse stick for beginners and intermediate players alike for years to come.

Position: All, Youth Ages 10-14

Why We Love It:

  • StringKing 3X mid-pocket
  • Youth, high school, NCAA legal
  • 135 Attack Shaft
  • No break-in necessary
  • No maintenance pocket
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3. STX X10 Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick

STX released a complete stick that optimizes their trestle sidewall designed head with their sturdy hammer 7000 shaft to create a stick that offers the strength, stiffness and durability of a defense shaft in a lightweight alloy. This stick will not dent or break during aggressive checks while still offering precision through all types of play.

Position: Defense

Why We Love It:

  • 7000 Defense Length Metal Alloy Shaft
  • STX Dry Mesh
  • Mid-High Pocket
  • No break-in required
  • Youth, high school, NCAA legal
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4. StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick

The StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Stick is one of the lightest most elite complete sticks on the market. It is versatile amongst lacrosse players, with the Legend Senior Head easily adapting to player ability ranging from high to low.

Position: Defense

Why We Love It:

  • High school and NCAA legal
  • Best for high school and advance youth players 15+
  • StringKing 3x mid-pocket with type 3 mesh
  • 2 defensive versions
  • 380 defense length shaft
  • No break in required
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5. STX Stallion 200 Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

The STX Stallion 200 Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick is one of the best youth lacrosse sticks available today. This is a forgiving stick best utilized to teach a youth player the fundamentals of the game. Priced accordingly, the Stallion 200 is quickly out-grown as the player’s skill advances.

Position: All entry-level youth players

Why We Love It:

  • Soft mesh
  • Handle features tonal "Memory Marker" graphics
  • Easy catching and ball control for all entry-level players
  • Legal for high school or collegiate play
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6. Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick - '19 model

Don’t let the price intimidate you. The Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Complete Defense Stick may be the very best lacrosse stick on the market for defenders. Combining the Regulator Max Warp Pro head and the Regulator Max Carbon shaft, this is the lightest complete defensive stick made. Utilizing targeted stiffness and flex zones, this stick is sure to advance the gameplay of any elite defender.

Position: Defense

Why We Love It:

  • Advanced players
  • High school and NCAA legal
  • Loc-Throat Technology securing head to shaft, little to no rattle
  • Tru Offset - Deep pocket for improved ball control
  • 2 Colors
  • 2 Pocket Options: Whip 2 or Whip 4
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Considerations for Finding the Best Lacrosse Stick

Finding the best lacrosse stick may seem challenging. Breaking it down into individual components is the best way to ensure a great selection and targeted purchasing for a player’s individualized requirements. Our guide has already helped you narrow it by position. Now, you need to evaluate your needs by skill level – both ability and level of play, playing style and value. Use the links for more refined information regarding the individual evaluation of lacrosse’s best heads and shafts.

Skill Level

Skill level is the vital starting point for evaluating a lacrosse stick after position is determined. Skill level refers to both a player’s ability as well as his or her level of game play, usually youth, high school or NCAA. Different levels of play have different rules related to the components of a lacrosse stick. A player’s ability is relevant because a stick for beginners will have different qualities than that of an elite player. In general, look towards these ability differences:


  • Flexible mesh pocket for easier ball handling
  • Lightweight and possibly thinner shaft
  • Wide scoop


  • Semi soft to semi hard mesh for improved power
  • Narrower head for ball control
  • Possibility of some customizable options

  • Durable materials for shaft and head to withstand harder play
  • Stiffer pockets and head for improved power and accuracy
  • More customizable options such as stringing and grip positioning for intricate adjustments

Playing style is the component of lacrosse play that best describes your individual strengths and weaknesses. For example, some Midfielders choose to play with a longer shaft, known as LSM or Long Stick Middie. These midfielders tend to have a defensive mindset and choose the longer shaft to deliver punishing checks and blocks. The longer shaft, however, is not ideal for an attack or midfielder who prefers to shoot up-close and quick. Another common variant is the midfielder who takes faceoffs. Faceoffs require durable yet flexible shafts combined with heads offering improved ball control and ease of ground ball recovery. These heads tend to be narrower in shape and increased pocket area improving ball handling.

Playing style also encompasses how you as a player perform common tasks. Do you shoot from the outside requiring power and durability? If so, choose a firm mid to high pocket to obtain speed and power. If you shoot up close, you no longer require the power to shoot from outside, rather you would require quick release and targeted control. This pocket is high and firm and requires a lightweight shaft for speed. Durability is paramount for a defensive player. They often sacrifice weight for strength; however, there remains a variability in products available letting players choose the most suitable option. A lightweight aluminum shaft will quickly dent and break in the hands of an aggressive block-and-check style defensive player.

The last feature included in playing style describes the conditions of play. The material components of a lacrosse stick vary in their compatibility with various weather conditions. Indoor, controlled climate play doesn’t need to worry about this; however, if a player will be playing in wet and dry as well as cold and hot conditions, even varying conditions in the same game, they must take this into consideration. Mesh pockets are more likely to absorb water and induce variability into stick performance than newer kevlar options. Metal shafts, such as aluminum, can become hot or cold based upon weather conditions. In addition, a shaft’s grip may vary or weaken based upon weather exposure.


While it’s true that value may be in the eye of the beholder, the value of a lacrosse stick considers the price-point of similar sticks as well as quality and durability. Durability is a key component simply because it helps determine the lifespan of the stick. A new player’s stick that costs hundreds of dollars but won’t allow them to advance in play level has poor value. Yet, a stick costing hundreds of dollars individualized for an elite player who will use it for years, has a higher value.


This article was originally published on April 29, 2020, and has been updated with new information.