STX X10 Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick


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One of STX's most trusted defensive heads is finally getting the love it deserves, being coupled with the STX Hammer 7000 Shaft to create the STX X10 Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick, ideal for the tough defensive player looking to take the jump to the next level.

Designed after the STX XCaliber head, the highest-selling defensive head in STX's history, the X10 improves on all areas of the XCaliber, keeping the same classic STX trestle sidewall design that provides strength and stiffness on a lightweight frame.

Precisely spaced sidewall holes in the X10 help create the perfect mid-high pocket for elite-level defensemen moving the ball up into the offensive-zone. The X10 Complete is also strung with STX Dry Mesh with the mid-high pocket that is ready for play right out of the box.

The X10 Complete comes fitted on STX's Hammer 7000 defensive shaft, the top choice for intermediate to elite-level defensive players looking for a sturdy alloy shaft to lock down the defensive side of the ball. With STX's trusted 7075 alloy, the Hammer 7000 is tough enough to withstand hard checks and physical groundball play without denting or breaking.

With a sandblasted finish, the STX X10 Complete is comfortable in the hands and improves consistency and feel, allowing the player to worry about stopping an offense, and not what equipment they're using.

If you're an intermediate to elite-level player looking for a strong, durable, and dependable complete stick to help take your game to the next level, the STX X10 Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick is here to answer all your needs.

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