Lacrosse Heads (Pre Strung & Unstrung)

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Learn about Lacrosse Heads

Lacrosse heads are a crucial component of a player's stick, responsible for controlling the ball during passing and shooting. When choosing a lacrosse head, players should consider factors like head shape, sidewall struts for pocket type, and stiffness. Additionally, checking the head's compatibility with the player's position (attack, midfield, or defense) is essential to perform at their best on the field.

Choosing the Right Lacrosse Head

When looking at a lacrosse head make sure to take note of the shape, sidewalls, and the weight of the head. All these factors can determine what position the head is for and how a player will perform on the field. The weight can impact shooting, while the sidewalls dictate what kind of pocket can be strung. To learn more about lacrosse heads check out our Lacrosse Head Buying Guide.

Lacrosse Heads FAQs

What is a lacrosse head?

A lacrosse head is located at the top of a lacrosse stick and has a mesh pocket. The head is the most important part of a stick as it directly impacts a player’s performance. 

What is a legal lacrosse head?

Any head made after 2010 will be considered legal for play. A head can become illegal if it is broken, warped, or the pocket is too deep.

Can any lacrosse head fit on any shaft?

Yes, any lacrosse head will fit on any shaft. Sometimes the pre-drilled holes on the shaft will not line up with the holes on a head, but that can easily be fixed by drilling a new hole in the shaft.

Can you put tape on your LAX head?

Due to new faceoff rules in lacrosse, there's a specific change about taping heads. Now, only goalies are allowed to have tape on their heads. This rule simplifies things and keeps a more consistent approach during faceoffs. It seems like a move to make the game fairer, addressing the specifics of faceoff dynamics and equipment use.

Lacrosse Heads Buying Guides

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