StringKing Mark 2A Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head


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StringKing Mark 2A Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head

The Mark 2A is built for Attack. It is built for the offensive players that display exceptional control with deceptively quick hands while shooting like a sniper that has an incredibly accurate shot.

The "A" in the Mark 2A is for attack. Being an attackman, you control the ball as the quarterback of your team's offense. StringKing and Matt Gibson know that. They shifted the profile of the head lower so the ball sits lower in the head to create control, so it is a nightmare for defenders to get the ball off of you.

Extremely light head increases your hand speed and power on your shots. While the stiffness increases your accuracy with passes and shots on goal

The larger offset and flatten scoop allows you to play fast and with confidence.

Don't worry about rattling. The lightweight Locking Bolt goes through the front and back of the head and shaft to make sure the head will no longer rattle.

129 Grams

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