Women’s lacrosse shafts

Choosing the right women’s lacrosse shaft helps provide better player control and enhances overall enjoyment of your lacrosse game. Not all shafts are crafted with the same features, so you want to take several factors into consideration before you purchase your next shaft. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to choose a women’s lacrosse shaft. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How Do You Choose a Women’s Lacrosse Shaft?
    • Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Materials
    • Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Length
    • Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Finish
    • Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Shape
  • Best Brands for Women’s Lacrosse Shafts
  • Women’s Lacrosse Shafts FAQs

How Do You Choose a Women’s Lacrosse Shaft?

Women’s lacrosse shafts have different benefits based on their construction. When choosing your new shaft, you should consider the age of the lacrosse player, experience level and style of gameplay before purchase. Four key factors to consider are:

  • Shaft Materials
  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft Finish
  • Shaft Shape

Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Materials

Not all women’s lacrosse shafts are constructed from the same type of material. While there’s no one material that will provide a great feel for every lacrosse player, each of the four most common materials offers advantages for different types of players.

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum women’s lacrosse shafts are durable and consistent but tend to be on the heavy side compared to other shaft materials. Due to consistent performance and affordability, aluminum alloy shafts can be ideal for younger players and beginners. Since they’re constructed from aluminum, these shafts can absorb cold and heat during outdoor gameplay, so taping or gloves are often recommended.

Titanium Alloy

Women’s lacrosse shafts made from titanium alloy offer a combination of a lightweight shaft and strong feel. Many intermediate players choose a titanium alloy lacrosse shaft because of this combination.

Scandium Alloy

Scandium alloy lacrosse shafts are extremely lightweight and the choice of many elite and professional women’s lacrosse players. These shafts are highly durable, giving players the confidence that their shaft will last a long time and through even tough game situations.

Carbon Fiber/Composite

Carbon fiber lacrosse shafts are the lightest shafts available. Their extremely lightweight design means carbon fiber women’s lacrosse shafts are great for quick game movements, but may be difficult to control for inexperienced players.

Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Length

Especially if you’re new to lacrosse, you may be wondering: How long is a lacrosse shaft? For field players, adult women’s lacrosse stick sizes are usually required to be between 35.5 and 43.25 inches. Youth lacrosse shaft length guidelines can vary by age group, so check with your local association’s rules before purchasing.

Defensive players will generally choose a shaft that’s closer to the longest legally available length. This provides greater reach and allows for more force on long range passes. 

Attackers typically want shorter shafts for better control and quicker shots. 

Women’s goalie lacrosse shafts are given a greater leeway than field players' shafts and can range in length from 35.5 inches to 52 inches long.

How long should a women’s lacrosse shaft be?

Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Finish

The finish of a women’s lacrosse shaft will be an important decision as it affects a player’s grip on their stick. When shopping for a new lacrosse shaft, there are three types of textured finishes to consider.

  • Smooth: A smooth finish has no grip texture along the shaft. This is a popular choice for players who like to customize their grip with tape or sleeves.
  • Sandblasted: Also known as a Diamond Grip, a sandblasted finish adds no weight to the shaft and is popular among attacking players due to the feel and control it offers. It’s a rough finish, so players who prefer sandblasted women’s lacrosse shafts commonly wear out gloves at a faster pace.
  • Tactile: A tactile grip on a women’s lacrosse shaft has rubber inserts along the shaft that provide a better grip on the bottom. A tactile finish is preferred by long range shooters and defensive players who like more control in long passing situations.

Women’s Lacrosse Shaft Shape

Women’s lacrosse shafts are available in several different shapes that have various pros and cons depending on personal preference. The most commonly available women’s lacrosse shaft handle shapes can be seen below:

Best Brands for Women’s Lacrosse Shafts 

Lacrosse Monkey carries many of the best selection of women’s lacrosse shafts available on the market today. There are several brands we carry that you’ll probably recognize as leaders in the lacrosse equipment industry.

Brine has been in the lacrosse equipment industry since the 1950s. They’re known for making durable and powerful women’s lacrosse shafts that are ultralightweight.

True offers a variety of different shaft types and can appeal to both beginner or advanced players alike. They craft shafts available with the most common textures and have a solid reputation as a reliable shaft manufacturer.

Nike has made their name known as an elite equipment manufacturer in many sports, and they may be one of the most approachable brands for younger lacrosse players. They offer a wide selection of affordable women’s lacrosse shafts for players just getting started and also have a line tailored towards elite players.

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Women’s Lacrosse Shafts FAQs

Are women's lacrosse shafts the same as men's?

While many of the construction materials, shaft shapes and textures of women’s lacrosse shafts are similar to men’s lacrosse shafts, there are some differences to note. The biggest difference is that the length of women’s lacrosse shafts is more restricted because of the lack of body contact allowed per women’s lacrosse rules.

How long should my lacrosse shaft be?

An adult women’s lacrosse shaft will be between 35.5 and 43.25 inches unless you’re a goalie. Women’s goalie lacrosse shafts are allowed to reach 52 inches long. Youth players may have different sizing guidelines depending on age, so consult your lacrosse association for specifics.

What is the best material for a lacrosse shaft?

There is no “best” material for a women’s lacrosse shaft as each type has a different feel and weight that may appeal to players of different experience levels. Beginning players often prefer an aluminum alloy shaft, while advanced players have different options based on personal preference.

What is the lightest lacrosse shaft?

The lightest lacrosse shafts will be those made from carbon fiber or composite materials.

What is the lightest women's lacrosse stick?

The lightest women’s lacrosse sticks designed with a carbon fiber shaft and a slim, lightweight head. Attackers can reduce the weight further by using a shorter than average lacrosse stick.