When is the lacrosse season

Being a year-round sport, the different lacrosse seasons can be confusing. However, that is exactly what we’re covering in today's article! While we’re taking an in-depth look at the multiple lacrosse seasons be sure to look at  Lacrosse Monkey for all your lacrosse needs including gear and information.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Lacrosse Season Overview

Lacrosse is a year-round sport consisting of fall, spring, and summer seasons. Fall is generally the least popular, mainly being used for developmental work and tournaments. Spring is the biggest season consisting of regular season games and playoffs. Spring is when teams focus more on weekly matchups and less on development. The summer season is all about club lacrosse. Teams will travel to out-of-state tournaments where players can be seen and possibly recruited to college.

Where is Lacrosse Most Popular?

Lacrosse is most popular in the northeastern region of the USA. The sport has really grown there, especially with colleges and pro teams playing there all year. Another area that is rapidly growing is North Texas, with many high-level club high school and youth lacrosse teams forming.

When Does Lacrosse Season Start?

Lacrosse’s fall season normally starts in late August or early September, while the spring season will begin in January. Summer will normally start around June after the school year has ended.

When Does Lacrosse Season End?

Lacrosse’s fall season ends in November, the spring season ends in April, and the summer season ends in August before school starts.

When Does the Professional Lacrosse Leagues Season Start?

There are two professional lacrosse leagues, the PLL and NLL. The PLL is the outdoor league and its season goes from June to September. The NLL is the professional box lacrosse league that goes from December to June. Both leagues have worked hard to keep the seasons from overlapping, due to players playing in both leagues.

When Does Collegiate Lacrosse Season Start?

The Collegiate lacrosse season begins in early February and ends in April. Each conference generally consists of 13 regular season games followed by playoffs.

When Does Youth Lacrosse Season Start?

Youth lacrosse has two seasons, fall and spring. The fall goes from September to November and is generally used for developmental work and skills sessions, followed by local tournaments towards the end of the season. The spring is generally from February to April and like the collegiate season, consists of regular season games followed by playoffs.  

Weather and Climate

Climate definitely has an impact on the lacrosse seasons. The more northern leagues such as New York will start their spring season much later than teams in Texas will. This is due to the cold weather and snow. Additionally, most teams do not have access to an all-weather turf complex, so rain and snow can cause games to be delayed and push the season back further.

League Rules and Regulations

Rule changes may have an impact on the start of a lacrosse season. For example, when the rule changed for shoulder pads, the leagues in Texas had to be pushed back to allow players time to acquire the new shoulder pads needed for play.

How Long is the Lacrosse Season?

The typical lacrosse season will last for three to four months. Things like severe weather or rule changes can have an effect on how long a season is. Additionally, the size of the league itself can make a season shorter, a league consisting of 10 teams will be much shorter than a league with 20.

ƒStructure of the Lacrosse Season

Every season will have a set amount of regular season games from February to March, this is where teams must try to win every game they can to improve their seeding for playoffs. Playoffs generally begin in April with single elimination games, teams are now in a “win to continue” mindset. The championship will be in the middle or end of April to decide the champion of the league.

Lacrosse is a year-round sport with three main seasons, fall, spring, and summer. The fall is focused on skill development, the spring is all about weekly match-ups, and the summer is for out-of-state recruiting opportunities. It is vital for players, coaches, and fans to understand the three main seasons so they can know what is expected.  Now that you know when each season is and what is expected in each, feel free to explore lacrosse equipment and our lacrosse resources at LacrosseMonkey.

How many lacrosse games are played in a season?

The amount of lacrosse games in a season is generally 13 regular season games plus 7 playoff games. This number can vary based on the number of teams in a league.

Is there 3 or 4 periods in lacrosse?

Lacrosse games consist of four quarters. However,  some tournaments will have games with 2 halves instead.

How much money does a NLL player make?

Rookie players are generally paid 10k a season, with the ability to negotiate up to 27k after their rookie contract expires. Franchise players average 34k a season. 

Is lacrosse a spring or summer sport?

Both! Lacrosse is a year-round sport with seasons in the fall, spring, and summer!