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Shooting in lacrosse is one of the most important aspects of the game. While you’ll never score on every shot you take, there are some tips and techniques you can use to help improve your accuracy and get you more shots on goal that make it into the net. Lacrosse shooting requires skill, and knowing where your hand should be and how and when to step forward are all part of the equation. 

Read on to learn more about how to make a lacrosse shot that will change your game. Our lacrosse shooting techniques are designed to improve your game and get the point. 

  • Steps to Shooting a Lacrosse Ball
  • Lacrosse Shot Techniques 
  • Lacrosse Shot Tips and FAQs

Steps to Shooting a Lacrosse Ball

Getting Hands and Stick into Proper Position: When you’re learning how to shoot lacrosse balls, the position of your hands is key to effective lacrosse shooting technique. Your bottom hand should be on the grip of the shaft while you slide your top hand down the shaft until it’s about 10 to 12 inches above the grip. This should be done while pulling the stick back over your shoulder to load up your lacrosse shot.

Swinging the Lacrosse Stick Forward: The next step for the lacrosse player shooting method is to begin your forward swing. This swing should begin while taking a step forward. Learning to start your lacrosse shot while striding forward will build power and prepare for a lacrosse shot on the run if necessary.


Twisting the Midsection: The twisting of the torso is how a lacrosse player shooting can generate power on the shot. While the stick is coming forward, the dominant shoulder also comes forward, the wrists snap towards the target quickly and you’ll feel the twist in your midsection rather than your hips. 

Follow Through: When learning how to shoot a lacrosse ball, it’s important not to ignore the follow through of your shots. The follow through should be a continuation of the momentum after the lacrosse player shooting the ball has released the lacrosse shot. During the follow-through, the hands should return to lacrosse ready position to get ready for the last play as the stick travels in a complete arc down and then back up over the shoulder.

Lacrosse Shot Techniques

The four simple steps outlined above demonstrate a general all-purpose lacrosse shot, but if you want to learn how to shoot faster in lacrosse or learn more skilled lacrosse shooting techniques, there are different lacrosse shooting tips and styles to improve your game. Once you’ve mastered the standard lacrosse shot technique, upgrade your arsenal by learning how to shoot in lacrosse beyond the standard form.

Lacrosse Shot on the Run

A lacrosse shot on the run takes a little more coordination than a stationary shot since you’ll have to take your shot on the run and possibly while pressured by a defender. It’ll take time and practice, but with good lacrosse shot form you’ll learn how to shoot faster in lacrosse while shooting on the run by timing your shot with your forward stride.

Power Lacrosse Shot  

A power lacrosse shot can be useful when shooting from a distance with a clear view of the goal. To take a power shot, you’ll want to extend the motion of your basic lacrosse shooting technique to wind up further over your shoulder and take a longer, more powerful stride towards the target while bringing the head of your stick forward for a stronger and longer lacrosse shot.

Sidearm Lacrosse Shot

If you have a situation where you’ll need to shoot from a different arm angle than the regular lacrosse shooting motion, you’ll want to explore how to shoot sidearm in lacrosse games. A sidearm lacrosse shot involves the stick being swung horizontally, rather than over the shoulder to shoot around defenders or confuse defenses expecting a sidearm pass.

Underhand Lacrosse Shot

The underhand lacrosse shot has less power than some other lacrosse shooting techniques, but it can be useful when attempting a shot under pressure from a defenseman. This shot involves an underhanded motion starting from the ground to get the lacrosse shot off under a defensive player’s arm and stick.

Wraparound Lacrosse Shot

The wraparound lacrosse shot is one of the most difficult shots to score on, but if a crease-man behind the net can catch a goalie unaware, this shot can be one of the most exciting lacrosse shooting techniques to witness. A wraparound shot occurs when an offensive player has the ball behind the net and strides forward while wrapping the stick around the goalpost to slam a lacrosse shot in for a goal.

Quick Release Lacrosse Shot

When you’re in a scenario that requires a fast shot rather than a powerful one, a quick release lacrosse shot can take the opposing defense off guard. To use this effective lacrosse shooting technique, don’t wind up your shot all the way like a normal shot. Instead, quickly snap your stick back and then thrust forward for a surprise lacrosse shot released quickly.

Lacrosse Shot Tips & FAQs

How do you shoot a lacrosse ball faster?

Practicing good form and shooting with your entire body will help you learn how to shoot faster in lacrosse. Work on engaging your core and building up strength through practice rather than relying on your arms for lacrosse shot speed.

How do you shoot a lacrosse ball more accurately?

Squaring up to the target and beginning with your forward elbow pointed towards the goal will help you shoot more accurately. Get in the habit of focusing on where you want your ball to end up and follow through on every shot to improve accuracy.

What are the three parts of shooting in lacrosse?

The three parts of shooting in lacrosse are the windup, the forward shooting motion (involving the twist of the torso) and the release.

How do you cradle before shooting in lacrosse?

To cradle a lacrosse ball before shooting, you should cradle the ball upright while bringing the net over your shoulder on your dominant side, loading up your lacrosse shot.

How do you shoot low in lacrosse?

A low lacrosse shot requires a later release than a high shot. If you learn how to shoot sidearm in lacrosse, you can change the angle of the release to aim lower for more accuracy and power than standard lacrosse form will give you.

What is the fastest shot in lacrosse history?

Have you ever wondered: how fast does a lacrosse ball travel? You’re not alone. The fastest reported lacrosse shot in history is said to be Nick Diegel’s 127.4 MPH shot at LaxCon in 2019.


This article was originally published on April 12, 2022, and has been updated with new information.