Cascade XRS Pro Review

Cascade’s newest lacrosse helmet, the XRS Pro is finally here and ready to be worn by the premier lacrosse player! Today we’ll do an in-depth look at the helmet and further understand why Cascade is trusted by the best of the best.

In this article, we’ll cover:

The XRS Pro uses three different liner technologies to address variable force impacts optimally. Each piece of the Tri-Liner system integrates perfectly with each other to create a 360° Fit for the ultimate protection-first Package. On the outside of the helmet, the Supermono™ X Shell is a one-piece shell and visor designed to create a rigid system to manage frontal impacts. Combined with the reinforced jawbone, the outer protection is tough enough to withstand hard impacts while maintaining a lightweight frame.

Cascade knows the elite players want maximum vision when they’re on the field. So they designed the XRS Pro with Pro Vision in mind. Using the new VIXION system, the XRS Pro offers superior peripheral vision on the sides of the mask, so the player can see it all. Additionally, two of the bars on the mask have a smaller diameter to allow the player to see the ball easier. Cascade’s Pro Vision system makes it so the ball is never out of sight, allowing any player to play like a pro.

Using the QuickKlip system, the XRS Pro is built to be put on and removed in a flash. The QuickKlip chinstrap utilizes high-strength magnets to lock in the chinstrap without the guesswork. This integration offers the speed and convenience players love with a secure fit and magnetized lock they can trust.

The XRS Pro is Cascade’s most comfortable helmet ever. Cascade achieved this with their new liner, the 360 fit, which focuses on wrapping comfortably around the head. Using their XFlow system, Cascade expanded the ventilation ports allowing more cool air into the helmet and increasing the breathability to keep the player cool. Additionally, Cascade refined the rear panel to now cover a larger space at the base of the skull and includes a supportive neck roll that offers a natural and more personalized fit.

The XRS Pro is built from the ground up for customization. Cascade offers over 9.6 million color combinations allowing players to customize everything from the outer shell and face mask to the jawbone and chinstrap. The XRS Pro also features different finishes for the outer shell including matte, glossy, carbon fiber, and metallic options. A Custom Cascade XRS Pro is sure to turn heads at any game or tournament.

Cascade XRS Pro FAQ

What is the best Cascade lacrosse helmet?

The XRS Pro is Cascade’s top-of-the-line helmet, featuring their newest technology and features to enable any player to play like a pro.

What size is the Cascade XRS Pro?

The Cascade XRS Pro is a one size fits most, with interchangeable jaw pads to adjust the width of the helmet.

What colors does the Cascade XRS Pro come in?

Cascade offers 23 colors and 5 different finishes for their helmets. Giving the player over 9.6 million combinations to pick from.

Is the Cascade XRS Pro a good option for goalies?

The Cascade XRS Pro is a great option for goalies. Cascade’s Tri-Liner system will protect the goalie from any shot and the attachable TP-S Throat Guard will give the goalie the added protection they need.