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Warrior is one of lacrosse's oldest manufacturers. Warrior has been manufacturing cutting-edge equipment since 1992. They provide equipment for every level of lacrosse from beginner to expert. With such a broad product line, you’re guaranteed to find any products from helmets and gloves to shafts and heads.

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Warrior provides an extensive list of shafts, with many different choices depending on if you play attack, defense, or box. They provide different shaft material options with carbon composite and metal variants.

The Warrior Evo shaft line is all about being lightweight. The Evo line comes in metal or carbon composite and has options for defense and offensive players.

The Warrior Burn shaft line is built around power, designed to flex to increase shot speed. The Burn shafts are carbon composite and have options for defense and offensive players.

Lacrosse players of any level have relied on Warrior’s lacrosse heads. They offer multiple options for any position and are made to be durable using Therma-Loc resin that boosts the head's performance in high-heat situations. Warrior provides multiple customization options from the color of the head to the way it is strung.

Warrior’s Evo head line is built for speed. The lightweight design allows defensive players to strike quickly and provides a quicker release for offensive players.

Featuring a tighter face shape and a higher pinch point, the Burn head line is Warrior’s answer for the outside shooting midfielder or attackman.

Warrior’s complete sticks are made ready for competitive play. Warrior offers plenty of completes for any level or position.

The Warrior Evo complete line is built for speed, featuring a lightweight shaft and head to improve reaction speed. The Evo line has options for all ages.

Built for extreme power, the Warrior Burn complete line combines a narrower head with a flexible shaft built to improve shot speed and accuracy. The Burn line has options for all ages.

Warrior uses innovative technology and materials to provide gloves that are protective and comfortable. They’re available in multiple options for all ages and have color customization options.

The Evo glove line was built from the ground up to be comfortable. It features IMPAX high-density foam in key areas to maintain a lightweight frame and protect from checks

Warrior’s Burn line features hard plastic in key areas, providing superior protection and lightweight performance.

Warrior provides helmets for all players from the PLL to the beginner level. The helmet features a one-piece shell and an EPP foam liner, this allows both materials to offer protection simultaneously. Warrior’s helmets meet/exceed all NOCSAE standards and SEI certifications.

Warrior’s protective line is known by all players from beginner to the pro level. They provide a lightweight frame that offers superior protection with options for any position. All shoulder pads meet/exceed NOCSAE standards. Warrior offers lacrosse shoulder protection and arm protection.

Warrior provides premium goalie equipment from gloves and chest protectors to heads and shafts. They focus on keeping the goalie highly protected, yet light and maneuverable. The Chest pads meet/exceed NOCSAE standards. Warrior offers goalie heads, shafts, complete sticks, gloves, and chest protection.

Warrior offers multiple styles of lacrosse bags ranging from pro-sized duffle bags to backpacks. All bags have customization options.

Warrior is constantly innovating with mesh and stringing. They have options for traditional mesh as well as options that use Warp technology.

Warrior is constantly developing new technology for lacrosse heads. Their newest releases are always designed with cutting-edge features, giving players an edge over the competition.

Warrior is always ready to release new and innovative shafts. Check out the latest shafts from one of lacrosse's biggest manufacturers.

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Warrior is one of lacrosse’s biggest manufacturers. So whether you need a head, shaft, pads, or stringing accessories, chances are you’ll find them from Warrior.

Warrior Lacrosse Equipment FAQs

Is Warrior a good brand for lacrosse equipment?

Warrior has been producing lacrosse equipment since 1992 and is trusted by professionals, college players, and lacrosse players at the youth and high school levels.

What equipment does Warrior sell for lacrosse?

Warrior sells everything a lacrosse player could need. From protective equipment to heads and shafts and even accessories like mesh and pocket pounders.

What is the best warrior lacrosse head?

Warrior’s head lines are specialized for different types of players. The Evo line is for release speed and the Burn line is for shot power.

What is the best warrior lacrosse shaft?

The Evo shaft line is one of the lightest shafts on the market, it is trusted by professional players to provide a quick and accurate release.

What is the best warrior lacrosse complete stick?

Warrior’s complete sticks are specialized for different needs. The Evo is all about being lightweight and the Burn is made to be flexible to increase shot power, both lines have options for players at all levels.

What is the best warrior lacrosse helmet?

Warrior’s Burn helmet is warrior’s flagship helmet that is worn by elite players at both the collegiate and professional levels.

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