Why do women’s lacrosse drop their sticks

When watching a women’s lacrosse game, you will notice players dropping their sticks after scoring a goal. Today’s article will cover exactly when and why women’s players must drop their sticks. Check out our full selection of women’s lacrosse sticks today at LacrosseMonkey.

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Within the women’s rulebook is a rule that states players who have scored must have their stick checked to validate the goal. The procedure was then born to drop your stick when you score so the referee can check your stick quickly. If the stick is deemed illegal then the goal will not count.

Yes, women’s players have to drop their sticks after scoring a goal. This is so the referee can check their stick and validate the goal if the stick is legal. This rule is in place to keep the game fair and account for players using illegal sticks in a game.

No, players in men’s lacrosse are not required to drop their sticks. Coaches and referees can call for a stick check, but it is not required after every goal. In fact in men’s lacrosse, it is a penalty to play without your stick, so you should never drop it when playing.

Why are women's lacrosse sticks different than men's?

Women’s lacrosse sticks are different than men’s because the rules are different between the sports. Women must use a much shallower pocket than men.

Why is women's lacrosse so different?

Women’s and men’s lacrosse have different rule sets. Women’s lacrosse is much harder than men’s lacrosse and requires more finesse.

Why is girl's lacrosse harder than boy's lacrosse?

Girl’s lacrosse requires much more finesse than men’s lacrosse. This is due to the shallower pocket and the lack of contact.

Why do women's lacrosse not wear helmets?

Women are not required to wear helmets, because there is less contact in women’s lacrosse.

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Now when your’re watching a women’s lacrosse game you’ll know exactly why the players drop their sticks. Check out our full selection of women’s lacrosse sticks today!