Best Uniforms of the 2010's

2012 Syracuse Throwbacks

Photo courtesy of Inside Lacrosse

Cuse has always been a staple of excellence in men’s lacrosse and their uniforms are no different. In 2017, the orange threw it back to the 1990’s with this one. The white mesh jerseys where cut shorter to resemble the crop top style of yesteryear. The white helmets with blue and orange accents popped in the Dome and the royal blue shorts tied the entire look together. The orange have had great uniforms over the 2010’s, but the white helmet really took this look over the top.

2017 Boston College Women’s Lacrosse

Photo courtesy of US Lacrosse Magazine

The Eagles’ maroon and gold uniforms pop on the lacrosse field. Usually, the gold lettering can be hard to read at a distance but with the subtle white outline everything is easier to read. The simple stripes down the side add verticality to the jersey top which break up the monotony of the same color top and bottoms. The simple horizontal lines on the skirt top off the design with the class that Boston College carries.

2012 University of Maryland Flag

Photo courtesy of Lacrosse Playground

If you know anything about the state of Maryland its one of three things: they put Old Bay on everything, their accent is like an alien language, and they think their state flag should be on everything. The Maryland Men’s lacrosse program is no exception to this last truth. In 2012, the Terps busted out their most ambitious flag jersey. The design expanded all the way from the bottom of their sleeve to the top of the neckline, and they didn’t stop there. They refused to leave any piece of equipment unflagged and slapped it on their helmets and even inlaid it onto the numbers. This look screamed state pride in every aspect and we are happy for having it in the game. 

2014 Tufts University White and Brown

Photo courtesy of Tufts Now

This might be a program that many people have never heard about outside of those who follow D3 lacrosse. The Jumbos (named after Jumbo the Elephant from 1885) have won three championships since 2010, and have one of the most unique color combos in all of lacrosse. The brown and Tufts blue seem like a color combo that should never work. However, on second glance the colors work well off of each other. Throw in a white top to break up the noise and you have one of the best looking uniforms of the decade. And yes, having the word Jumbo across your chest gets you onto the list.

2012 Johns Hopkins Throwback

Photo courtesy of Lacrosse Playground

Remember those Maryland flag uniforms from a few spots ago? Johns Hopkins couldn’t be outdone by their cross state rivals and busted out their own memorable jersey against Maryland in 2012. The helmets were designed to recreate the look of the old leather helmets from the 1980’s. They even included “stitching” onto the lids to pull the entire look together. However, for our money the best part of these uniforms are the gloves and elbow pads. That yellowish gold immediately draws your eye and it becomes the perfect accent for this throwback look.

2019 Notre Dame Irish Green

Photo Courtesy of College Lacrosse

Notre Dame Athletics has leaned into the irish themes across all of their programs over the years. Typically, they wear some form of all green tops which harshly clash with their typical blue and gold look. However, this time they used green as more of an accent for their all white look against UNC late in the 2019 season. The simple blue and green lines outlined the all white look to perfection. Of all the green looks for Notre Dame, this has to be one of their best.

2017 Salisbury All Gold

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Salisbury is another blue chip program of D3 Lacrosse with a big time jersey look. Their all gold (don’t call it yellow) takes over anytime they wear them. The unique color screams college lacrosse and the all maroon helmets just direct your eyes back to the main star of the show. The gulls can typically be seen in this look on Memorial Day weekend on their way to championships.

2017 Michigan All Blue

Photo courtesy of Mgoblue

2012 saw a welcomed addition to the D1 Men’s lacrosse roster, the Michigan Wolverines. After dominating in MCLA D1, the Wolverines jumped to D1 and have had some of the best jerseys of this era. Their 2017 all blue screams class and really encapsulates the school as a whole. The all blue is such a deep color that the maize is electric coming off of the jersey. The real show stopper on these is their famous three striped helmets which plays great on a lacrosse helmet. The visor fits the front of the yellow perfectly and the stripes follow the curve of the helmet incredibly. This helmet really takes the entire look for us over the top.

2019 University of North Carolina Women’s Carolina Blue

Photo courtesy of Go Heels

Everyone loves the powder blue jerseys in lacrosse. The light blue is an instant draw for anyone in the sport and look no further than the most recognizable powder blue school UNC. The men’s program also rocks the Carolina blue jerseys, but our favorite are the women’s jerseys. No lines, no big logos, just unfiltered Carolina blue all over.

2019 Towson Throwback

Photo courtesy of Towson

A staple of college lacrosse for over half a decade, the Towson Tigers threw it back to 1991 paying homage to the team that made it to the national championship. This was the best mesh jersey of the decade letting you see all the way through to their pads. The white helmets with intricate yellow and black details provided a unique look. This was a welcomed addition for us on the list.


This article was originally published on January 2, 2020, and has been updated with new information.