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Anyone who plays lacrosse knows the ECD brand. Known for its premium mesh and innovative heads and shafts. With over a decade of experience, ECD has established itself as a leader in lacrosse innovation. They produce high-quality heads, shafts, mesh, and other accessories for the elite player.

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ECD offers high-quality shafts designed for the elite player performing at the top of their game. With options tailored to any position from the shifty attackman to the lockdown defenseman.

ECD uses leading technology and materials to provide high-quality heads for the elite lacrosse player. With multiple colors available and options tailored to any position.

ECD combines its premium mesh with its heads and shafts to create a top-notch complete stick that is ready to compete at any level right out of the box. ECD offers complete sticks for any position.

ECD protective equipment is built from the ground up to be lightweight. Using leading technology to provide equipment that offers high mobility while maintaining superior protection. ECD offers arm protection.

Designed for the elite goalie, ECD offers goalie equipment that is durable and lightweight. ECD offers high-quality goalie heads and shafts for the shut-out goalie. ECD offers goalie heads and shafts.

ECD is known for its premium mesh and stringing accessories. Players at all levels from beginner to professional rely on ECD’s mesh.

ECD’s women’s lacrosse equipment is designed to be lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. They have an extensive selection of women’s lacrosse heads, shafts, and complete sticks designed for the elite player. ECD offers women's heads, shafts, and complete sticks.

ECD is always ready to release a new innovative head for the players that know Hard Work Pays Off. Check out the newest heads from one of lacrosse’s hardest-working brands.

ECD is constantly looking to release new and updated shafts, Their newest releases are always designed with the latest technology and materials, giving players the best shafts to date.

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ECD focuses on advancing the sport of lacrosse through innovation. They are constantly looking to push the industry forward using new materials and advanced technology to develop top-notch lacrosse equipment. ECD’s product line extends to everything from heads and shafts to mesh and end-caps.

ECD Lacrosse Equipment FAQs

Is ECD Lacrosse a good brand for lacrosse equipment?

ECD has been producing high-quality lacrosse equipment since 2011 and is trusted by professional and collegiate athletes performing at the top of their games.

What equipment does ECD Lacrosse sell for lacrosse?

ECD offers heads, shafts, complete sticks, mesh, and other accessories.

What is the best ECD Lacrosse lacrosse head?

The Ion is ECD’s top-of-the-line head, using their new Diamond plastic to provide a light and durable head for the elite offensive player.

What is the best ECD Lacrosse lacrosse shaft?

The Carbon Pro 3 is designed to be lightweight and extremely durable, giving elite players a shaft they can trust. Offered in multiple flexes and lengths for offense, defense, and goalie.

What is the best ECD Lacrosse lacrosse complete stick?

The Rebel is ECD’s top-tier complete stick, offering a premium head strung with their premium mesh on a carbon composite shaft.

What is the best ECD Lacrosse women’s equipment?

The Infinity Pro is ECD’s premier women’s complete stick, trusted by elite players at the top of their games.

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