StringKing Mark 2T Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head


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StringKing Mark 2T Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head

The Mark 2T is built for transition! The Mark 2T is designed for the midfielder in mind that also loves pushing in transition. The 2T combines punishing stiffness, gb dominance, and offensive execution for players that get creative in transition.

The Mark 2T has the best weight to stiffness ratio. Whether you are scooping gbs, throwing hard checks, or ripping shots, you'll need the stiffest head. Incredibly powerful, accurate, and consistent lacrosse head.

The rounded edges on the front of the head prevents you from digging into the ground when scooping ground balls that's why StringKing calls it the best scoop in lacrosse. The aggressively forward angle guides loose balls into your pocket, that allows you to attack ground balls from any direction. The ultra-stiff construction gives you more power, accuracy and consistency.

Mark 2T combines both features of offensive and defensive to be dominant at both sides of the ball

StringKing is a stringers delight when it comes to their heads. They put 29 stringing holes on the sidewall to allow stringers to let their imagination run wild.

Hate when your head rattles? StringKing changed that with their lightweight locking bolt. The locking bolt goes through the front and back of both the head and shaft to stop that annoying rattle.

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