StringKing Mark 2D Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head


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StringKing Mark 2D Type 5 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head

The Mark 2D is built for defense. It is built for the tough, constructed stiff with a wide face shape that is designed to make hard checks and control the ball off the ground.

Biggest misconception is if you play defense that you cannot make an impact on the offensive end. Stingers love the Mark 2D because it's 29 sidewall holes along with the higher side profile. Gives a defenseman a pocket that you can play offense with.

Stringking identified high impact areas of their heads where checks are thrown and put more material in those places to efficiently create a tough head that act as an anchor when you shoot. As well as removing material in low stress areas that makes your checks faster.

The scoop is perfect to gain an advantage in the groundball game. Easily pick up the ball and get the ball out of your defensive end and push it in transition.

Hate when your head rattles? StringKing's locking bolt stops rattling by putting a bolt through the front and back of the shaft and head.

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