StringKing Grizzly 2 Lacrosse Goalie Mesh Stringing Kit


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  • Ultra-light. Ultra-fast. StringKing's most durable and responsive goalie mesh yet offers unmatched rebound control, faster hands, and a more consistent release
  • Speed. Faster hands mean more saves. That's why Grizzly 2 lacrosse goalie mesh is 25% lighter than Grizzly 1 and even more aerodynamic
  • Control. Tri-Twist(TM) technology increases the texture and elasticity of the mesh, giving you more control and letting up fewer rebounds
  • Feel. Grizzly 2 goalie mesh is more responsive than ever, letting your pocket react to the ball and giving you more control
  • Accuracy. A more consistent release means you'll be just as dangerous with the ball as you are stopping it. Grizzly 2 lacrosse goalie mesh lets you throw quicker, more accurate outlets


  • 4 Sidewall Strings
  • 1 Bottom Lace
  • 3 Shooting Laces
  • 2 Shooting Cords
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