Warrior Burn XP Offense Warp Lacrosse Head


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New for 2021, the Warrior Burn XP Offense Warp is a 5th generation Warp pocket with new knit advancements that promote hold and feel.

The Mid-pocket offers two different whip options: Warp Low and Warp High. The Warp Low will have a quicker release and less whip on passes. The Warp High keeps the ball in the stick longer and has more of a hook or whipping effect.

Narrower face shape allows for additional hold and feel while carrying the ball.

Features Warrior's Therma Loc plastic which boosts performance in high heat and maintains the head’s shape and stiffness.

SYMFLEX technology has targeted flex zones in the scoop and bottom rail for superior hold, shot power, and accuracy.

Option Loc-Throat is included with every head. This is an optional piece that inserts into the shaft and keeps the head from rattling. Remove the Loc-Throat for a lighter feel.

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