Warrior Evo QX Warp Complete Lacrosse Stick

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New for 2021, the Warrior QX Offense Warp is built for the elusive ball carrier who uses ball control and quick releases.

Using new Therma-Loc resin, the QX offers increased performance in high heat and maintains both head shape and stiffness. The new Warp features a tighter face shape and mid-low bottom rail for superior accuracy and ball control. The new Warp pocket is strategically knitted to promote hold and feel.

The optional LOC-THROAT features gives the player full control of their head. Insert the LOC-THROAT for better head to shaft attachment, or leave it out for a lighter feel.

Comes with multiple Mid-pocket locations: low, medium, and high whip options to choose from. These are designed with the idea of maximizing and improving shot speed and accuracy. M1 has the lowest amount of whip and the quickest release, perfect for an attackman or midfielder that operates in close and needs to get feeds/shots off as quickly as possible. The M3 has a quick release but offers added whip for those that need the added hold/shot speed to shoot from the outside, with the M2 being the perfect balance between the two.

Paired with the Warrior Evo QX which is Warrior's stiffest carbon shaft. It weighs just under 130 grams and features tactical grip in key areas of the shaft.

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