Epoch Purpose 10 Degree 3D Mesh Women's Strung Lacrosse Head

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Epoch Purpose 10 Degree 3D Mesh Strung Women's Lacrosse Head

New for 2023, Epoch keeps developing the technology of the women's lacrosse game and taking the game to new heights. Epoch is back with their "Play With Purpose" campaign. Epoch is creating performance benefits inside and outside the 8-meter for their lacrosse heads.

The Purpose 5 degree, 10 degree, and 15 degree heads are engineered down to the smallest detail and proven at the highest level. Designed, manufactured, and strung up in the US of A. Each Purpose features a bottom rail that is engineered to give players specific performance benefits when playing inside (I.T.8) and outside (O.T.8) the 8-meter.

Inside the 8 Meter- Accuracy, Quick Release, and control.

Outside the 8 Meter- Versatility, Shot Accuracy, and passing/feeding

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