Brine Edge Pro+ Women's Strung Lacrosse Head


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Edge Pro+

  • The Brine Edge Pro+ was designed with a new harder resin made to play well in all temperatures. That resin is called, "Therma-lock+ technology"
  • Brine updated their "Truoffset Technology! Truoffset Technology - Is how the ball sits below the shaft because the is made to drop from the connection point of the head to the shaft. This allows the ball to naturally be pushed to the sweet spot in the pocket to makes it easier for the ball to sit in the pocket without bagging out and creates a quick release when shooting and feeding.
  • To create a tighter channel for shots and passes, Brine engineered a new flex profile in the top third of the head to flex with the ball
  • The Edge Pro+ strung with Brine's newest version of the ISO Warp Mesh which has a runner piece which was created with stronger, more stiff vertical runners along with different sized diamonds to create more hold
  • Brine's ISO Warp Mesh Runner Pocket is made with weather resistant material so you will never have to worry about your stick's pocket changing due to inclement weather
  • The pre-knit "tails" at the bottom of the pocket provides quick, easy adjustments on the fly

Meets US Lacrosse, NFHS, and World Lacrosse specifications

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