Cascade Goalie Throat Protector

Cascade Goalie Throat Protector

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Cascade Goalie Throat Protector


  • Cascade's most versatile throat protector
  • String attachment system allows it to fit on any helmet
  • For programs with rotating goalies with different helmets this throat protector can be the perfect solution

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Customer Reviews


this is a very cheap protector. it provides no cover on the sides of your helmelt leaving both sides of your neck exposed at all times. also when you run it flaps around wich is very annoying when you are a goalie who likes to leave the crease. in the end it will protect you from shots but only dead on ones.

Review by the brick wall (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Best option for goalies who play other positions

I agree with other reviews comparing this product to it's competitors that bolt onto the helmet. It has some drawbacks. I also agree that it has less protection from the side, but if using the new R helmet this is mostly mitigated. My son uses this protector beccause he plays goalie and faces off so he needs to change quickly in the middle of games. He is 12 years old and his teammates have had shots clocked at 60 mile per hour and it seems to hold. As a goalie mom, I'm very interested in keeping him safe. This protector is really inexpensive comparitive to other models so I just make sure he always has at least one back up in case it breaks in the middle of a game. Bottom Line: Best option for younger players still not specializing in the goalie position.

Review by LaxMom (Posted on 10/25/2016)

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