STX Alliance 2D Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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New for 2019, the STX Alliance 2D Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft, built for the elite shooter looking for more control and velocity.

Using STX's exclusive offset technology, the end of the Alliance 2D comes to a 10-degree curve to allow the ball to sit lower on the axis of the stick, creating more centrifugal force to generate torque and velocity. This also provides ultimate ball feel when moving the rock. The custom composite construction provides a responsive, snappy feel that flexes on harder shots and passes, also helping with shot speed and accuracy.

The new Ridge profile provides unmatched control on a comfortable frame, making it easier for outside shooters to move their hands into position, and for dodgers to handle the stick when running through traffic.

With a grit finish, the Alliance 2D is great in all-weather, and provides the same feel and control without the need for tape or other grips.

If you're an elite shooter looking to break the mold and add some MPHs to your shot, look no further than the STX Alliance 2D Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

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