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Warrior Burn 2 Max Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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For the 2018 season, Warrior Sports continues utilizing their Max technology by adding it to an offensive minded head, the Warrior Burn 2 Max Unstrung Lacrosse head. The MAX technology is designed to reinforce areas to dramatically increase durability and stiffness this head is designed for an offensive minded defenseman and long stick midfielders. Utilizing the SymFlex technology, the Burn 2 Max has a back-rail pinch and a prompt scoop fold to allow maximum accuracy on long passes and increase in shot power.

In comparison to the Warrior Burn 2, the Warrior Burn 2 Max brings added thickness to the side walls of the head.

The Warrior Burn 2 Max also has Tilt-Tech technology to allow for more stringing options and tensioning in the head. Utilizing certain stringing hole designs, the bottom rail has many stringing hole options but it is best suited for a mid-pocket for the best mix of hold and ball control.

Warrior went back to the drawing board and redesigned the scoop on the Warrior Burn 2 Max allowing you to get a better scoop on ground balls from any angle.

What makes the Burn 2 Max special is the LOC-THROAT technology that eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability. As the head is screwed onto the shaft, the LOC –THROAT flares out to provide both internal and external pressure for a secured fit. Also having two holes too screw into will further help the fit and eliminate the rattle.

If you are an offensive minded defensemen who likes to take the ball away and push transition, the Warrior Burn 2 Max Unstrung Lacrosse Head is for you.

Because of the extended internal throat, this head might not be compatible with shafts that have a foam filling or solid cap blocker. Check to make sure your shaft is hollow at the top before buying for a correct fit.

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