Hero Dual Sports Deodorizer - 1 Pair

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Insert a pair of HERO SPORT DEODORIZERS in your hockey skates, gloves, shin guards and girdle and your sweat-soaked sports gear will be dry & fresh the next time you use it. When your gear is dry, bacteria doesn’t have a chance to buildup in your equipment. When there’s no bacteria, there’s no odor!

  • Absorbs moisture & perspiration from sweat-soaked gear
  • Quickly and effectively dries athletic gear in between practices and games
  • Reduces bacteria growth by keeping gear dry
  • Prevents the buildup of foul odors caused by bacteria and fung
  • Reduces the risk of contracting sports-related skin infections like Staph & MRSA
  • Preserves gear performance
  • Extends the life of equipment
  • Keeps hard-to-wash sports gear clean and bacteria-free HEROES are perfect for hockey skates & gloves.
  • Place Heroes in your skates to help prevent your blade rivets from rusting out and extend the life of your blades. For your gloves, shin guards and girdle, Heroes will prevent bacteria from breaking down gear materials and construction and will preserve gear performance. HEROES also limit the spread of bacterial and fungal infections by disrupting the growth of harmful microorganisms. HEROES can reduce your risk of contracting sports-related skin infections like Staph, MRSA, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, etc. HEROES eliminate bacteria and odor from all your sports gear. HEROES are also great for lacrosse gloves & elbow pads, soccer shin guards, cleats, running shoes, cycling shoes, hiking boots, boxing gloves, ski gloves & boots, lockers, gym bags, everyday shoes, and anywhere you are trying to control moisture and odor.

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