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Our Integra Pro Player Glove is designed for the best lacrosse player looking for the best in protection and comfort. The Integra Pro utilizes Player Core Control, Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack, and more to maximize feel, design and control.

New for Integra Pro Gloves is Player Core Control. Player Core Control features S.Café® Technology. Café® technology, with a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, combine coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and covers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton. Also, the micro-pores on S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays all the time.

ARIAPRENE® is a performance foam designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control with impact properties. This proprietary foam-core technology provides an additional protection layer in key slash areas in the integra protective line and was developed to be environmentally correct. Ariaprene® foam-core technology surpasses all the required restricted substance lists and was built to be environmentally "future-proof.”

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