STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

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STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards
  • STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

Required Field*


Required Field*


  • Built with d3o technology, which provides excellent impact absorption, ideal  body fit and maximum freedom of movement
  • Efficient use of padding provides a low profile and lightweight arm guard
  • Full length, breathable sleeve offers incredible comfort and mobility
  • Inner pads at top and bottom provide an extra level of protection
  • No-slip sleeve and silicone nubs prevent annoying slippage
  • Constructed with contrasting matte and patent leather for a unique look

.::Arm Protective Sizing Chart::.

Arm Protective Age Weight
Small 5-9 years old 50 lbs - 80lbs.
Medium 9-13 years old 80 lbs.-130 lbs.
Large  14-16 years old 130 lbs.-180 lbs.
X-Large  16+ years old 180 lbs. +

* Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

STX K18 Lacrosse Arm Guards

Product Questions

Do the arm guards come two to a package or are they packaged as a single.

Customer Reviews


Its a really nice product. Very comfortable Good size they can be considered bulky but its arm guards so dont expect it to be small. They guard up to my mid bicep which is very nice. they work well with my shoulder pads which are partially cut. If you have bulky shoulder pads either cut them or dont get these arm guards because they are made for more protection they aren't just elbow guards. Otherwise they are very light weight and protective. They are durable and very customizeable (can get in multiple colors, sizes and can be adjusted to different arm widths). I love their comfort they are extremely well made. Offering great protection all around without blocking your joints and have great circulation to keep away odors. Anyway i love this product buy it if you are looking for great arm guards for a great price.

Review by Twinkie (Posted on 10/25/2016)

Really nice pads, theyre tough and, in my opinion, very flexible. The only thing is that the padding on the inside bunches up when I wash them, and it takes a while to work it out. Some of the stitching has come undone for me too. They still protect incredibly and will definitely be buying another pair.

Review by theobean100 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
amazing guards

these have really good protection and you cant feel anything when you get hit. They are really nice and really comfortable. Really good arm guards and if you want max protection then these are the guards for you. If you like a little less protection then i would go with the smaller ones

Review by bo$$ (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Very Protective

Great arm guard. They are extremely protective. The pretty hot though if your playing in 90+ degree weather.

Review by TyLax (Posted on 10/25/2016)
overall a great piece of work

Overall a good piece of equipment. Flexible and light but kinda bulky for a middie.

Review by kumar (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Tough, Flexible and Comfortable Product

Got these a day before fall ball and threw my old ones away, these are that fantastic. Cant feel a thing when you get hit. Flexes easily no matter what. Nice size, these will fit anyone. Offers great protection without getting in the way or restricting your arm movement. All in all a perfect arm guard.

Review by Hass (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Better than the best

Best buy in a while!

Review by Jim the Runner (Posted on 10/25/2016)

I bought these things last season and they look good as new. These things are comfortable, look fly as hell, and can stand some of the worst wrap checks.

Review by Jack (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Best Arm Guards On The Market

I use these arm guards whenever I play lax. For big games, practice, casual use, EVERYTHING! These arm guards are a dream. They are soooooo comfortable. They were so comfortable I sleep with them on sometimes. They are also very protective. When i get checked, i can't feel a thing. Finally, these arm guards allow you to be mobile when playing. There are no hindrances caused by these arm guards when playing. Bottom line. Buy these legendary arm guards. NOW.

Review by Windy City Laxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Very Comfortable Elbow Pads

Extremely comfortable elbow pads. Very good protection. Although I have only had mine for about a season and summer, and I can start to see them wearing down.

Review by Joe (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great arm pads

I have these arm pads as an LPM but i find them a bit too bulky sometimes and tend to slide around on your arm from sweat and rain. In the end i would more recommend these arm pads for an attackmen who gets beat on because the protect is amazing but as a LPM, midfielder, and defender they are to bug but they are perfect for attack, and does anyone have good suggestions for elbow pads for a LPM?

Review by Double Nickel (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Very Strong + Comfortable

Great pads overall. Slip around due to not tightening well.

Review by Joey the Kiehler (Posted on 10/25/2016)

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