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Nike Vandal Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Nike Vandal Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Item #: nike-lf-HE-ADX9-VD

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Nike Vandal Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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  • 7075 alloy
  • Concave octagon profile

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What is the exact weight for the Nike candle defense shaft?
how long is this shaft

Customer Reviews

good shaft just not in black

the shaft is very light and does the job just everytime it gets hit the paint knicks off on the black shaft and my shaft that I just got about 1 month ago is knicked all over

Review by jaydenlax10 (Posted on 6/20/2017)
Vandal shaft

I've had this shaft for a long time and i love it. It's very light weight. i have not had any dents in this shaft just a few minor scratches. overall i love this shaft and i recommend this shaft to any position.

Review by dblock6789 (Posted on 10/25/2016)

I play lsm and like a versatile, lightweight shaft. i had used the sci ti pro before but it bent and my parents didnt want to buy another expensive stick. so i picked the vandal. It was a greta choice. ive had it since september 2011 and it has no signs of wear. i used it for 2 spring leagues,2 fall leagues and a summer league. it is a little heavy but strong enough to throw good checks! overall. GREAT BUY

Review by snakemanthelaxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)

I've used this product for several months of league ball, It is awesome, very light, has some flex, almost impossible to dent, scratches easy, Is totally worth it for the price

Review by "Mystery" (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Really good shaft

good shaft for the price its 7075 so its mde out of the same stuff that the swizzbeat is and its really durable. Will get dents though, and isnt the lightest shaft in the game

Review by bo$$ (Posted on 10/25/2016)

Good overall shaft. only things i have a problem with is no enough grip. no grip at all actualy. good shaft for the money. bought it njust under a year ago and has no dents, but i did just notice a sight bend. other then that very good value for the money.

Review by lsm boi (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Top of the list for its price

I play lsm and base d a little. This is my backup stick and proud of it. Cheap and doesnt banana after that big check or hit. For lsm its beautiful until the end of halftime. Thats when the weight kicks in. Must have for a backup stick.

Review by Legs (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great shaft

This shaft has lasted me a while. It doesn't really look tough or durable but it is and is my favorite d pole right now.

Review by Hankdatank (Posted on 10/25/2016)
a lot of bang for your buck

its a strong shaft but it did snap in a club game. Except it was cold that game.

Review by chris the lsm (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Nike Vandal

Great for poke checking,easy to maneuver while running with the ball.

Review by LaxIdaho23 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
great for a while

nike sign fades but its still a great shaft nothing went wrong till i bent mine after 2 years of constant playing

Review by luke the lsm (Posted on 10/25/2016)
the best of all the defense shaft ever

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT GETING THE VANDEL GET IT! I play left wing defenseman and some times crease, when I Play wing I do a lot of poke checks to box the attack-man or middy out so they don't cut to the crease and score. When I play crease I body check players coming around the crease. Things I like about this shaft is it is durable, and easy to grip because of its diamond texture. the one thing I didn't like was that the diamond texture can scratch of during games and practice

Review by DPoLe43 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Get this stick!

First off, I hate how people complain that a stick is too heavy. Grow a set of cods and man up. This stick has some weight behind it because you need that as a defender to poke check hard. This is my main stick. I use it at all my games and my arms have never gotten tired. Again, I hate it when people complain that a stick is too heavy. It does scratch easy but that is going to happen eventually. Get this shaft with an STX Proton U and you'll be set.

Review by Nigel Thornberry (Posted on 10/25/2016)
great shaft

very good shaft lasted me 3 years. a little on the heavy side but still very good. i used it for LSM and defense. it did bend a little but that's ok. good for high school players.

Review by laxxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Moneys worth

I liked this shaft because it could take a very good beating. I could use it very aggressively and would not break or dent. The only down side of this shaft is that it is very flexible/bendable. If i were to put it against my leg and push it, it would bend a considerable amount.

Review by SIllydefender (Posted on 10/25/2016)
good shaft

I got this shaft as it was affordable and I heard it was fairly durable. I have been using this shaft for about a season. It's lasted me and held up so far, but when I looked directly down the side of the shaft, I noticed that it had a slight bend to it. Nothing a hard checking defender shouldn't expect, but it has been getting worse. It is a good light shaft, but I worry that I might bend or even break it from throwing a hard stick check. But this is after a season of play, so this shaft will last for a decent amount of time. Over all a good shaft, but this wold be best for a defender that doesn't throw the hardest checks.

Review by Defender man (Posted on 10/25/2016)

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