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Jimalax 6 Diamond Mesh

Jimalax 6 Diamond Mesh

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Jimalax 6 Diamond Mesh

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  • 6 Diamond Mesh: The Original and most popular of all the Diamond style mesh
  • Its diamond size is neither large nor small which makes 6 Diamond mesh the perfect compromise between hold and shot speed
  • Is fairly easy to string, durable, and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather
  • A good choice for any kind of lacrosse player
  • The people have spoken, and 6 Diamond mesh reigns supreme over the Diamond family

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What stiffness is it

Customer Reviews

6 diamond is the way to go!

I string my heads with nothing else but 6 diamond mesh and jimilax is the best brand. 6 diamond mesh has the best hold and the pockets you make with them form very well and deep if you want them to.

Review by FRESHTASTE (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Good mesh for easy hold

This mesh is good for beginners or defense. The six diamond laces up quick and easy when you string up your head. It great for d-poles when you need more hold than pinpoint accuracy. Also great for beginners as its very easy to throw. Not the greatest accuracy for attack. Pair this with only one shooting string for the perfect amount of release without a lot of whip.

Review by cbchess (Posted on 10/25/2016)

The bad thing is that the strings get really loose in rain. Other than that its great.

Review by LaxTom (Posted on 10/25/2016)

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