1. What is the best way to contact LacrosseMonkey regarding my order?
 2. How long does it take to process my order?
 3. What forms of payment does LacrosseMonkey accept?
 4. Can I pay by Gift Card from major credit cards (Visa, Master Card,
     American Express, Discover, etc.)?
 5. How/Where/When do I check my order status?
 6. My Credit/Debit Card was declined, but I know I have enough funds available…
     Why is this happening?
 7. How do I place a pre-order for a product?
 1. How do I track my order?
 2. How many different shipping methods does LacrosseMonkey offer?
 3. What is oversized shipping?
 4. Why might there be a delay if the billing & shipping address are different addresses?
 1. What phone number should I call?
 2. How do I setup a wire transfer?
 3. What is my Shipping cost for International Delivery?
 4. I’m a first-time international customer. Will I need to place a wire transfer?
    What do I need to know before I place my order?
 5. I’m visiting the US & will be staying in a hotel…can I have my order delivered to my Hotel?
 1. What is returnable and not returnable?
 2. How do I return/exchange a product?
 3. Is there a restocking fee?
 4. Can I return a custom product?
E-Gift Certificates & Discounts
 1. How do I get my E-Gift Certificate Code?
Website vs. Retail Store
 1. Can I return the product that I bought online at the store?
 2. Are prices on LacrosseMonkey.com the same as they are at the store?
 3. Where is your store located? What are your hours?
 4. I’m in Europe; can I have my order shipped from your store in Sweden?
 1. What is the best way to order?

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