Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves
  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves
  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

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Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves
  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves
  • Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

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  • One of Brines all-time best selling gloves.
  • The lightest glove in the Brine family - weighing just 6 oz.
  • Dual material build of high end leather and high grade nylon knit.
  • KSL palm design allows for ultimate air flow.
  • Great mobility and flexiblity with an adjustable floating cuff.

.::Glove Sizing Chart::.

Gloves    Height
Medium 12in.  4'6" - 5'6"
Large 13in.5'6" + Over

* Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves

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Customer Reviews

Great glove

Used for a year, nice glove. Comfortable, unfortunately the 13in were a little small for me, so I gave them to another teammate. But other than that I was very happy with them. Feels like youre wearing mittens, they're that light. Of course the protection is a little iffy, due to the lightweight. But if you can take a little pain, theyre a great choice.

Review by Derek (Posted on 10/25/2016)
I like it but I wouldnt buy it again

I am in high school and it isn't good for big game situations. Brine logo peels off and gets annoying. Light. I would recommend it for younger players not for competitive play.

Review by dslax (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Pretty Good

I used these gloves all last season and they worked really well. the Brine King logo started to peel off at the end of the season though. The protection wasnt the best either, because when i tried to block a goalie clear, my finger got pinched and broken. It was worth it though because theses gloves are light and look good.

Review by Lax Man (Posted on 10/25/2016)

Very good gloves for defenseman. Not too protective ,but still good gloves. Very Light

Review by Kyle (Posted on 10/25/2016)
they were ok but protection is not good

make them more protective and put more thought into thumb protection

Review by Lip (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Okay gloves

Not that great of a glove. Mine ripped after a summer and they don't offer very good protection.

Review by Amurf4 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Worth Every Cent - And Maybe More

These gloves had lasted me very well, and have not had an injury with them. I have used them at varsity level, Club level and at an international tournament. They have not ripped, palm is very durable, and they have allowed me to move the stick very deftly. My country (New Zealand), is relatively new to the sport, so I do not know how these would fare in America or Canada, but otherwise they have done very well.

Review by Nick the Tank (Posted on 10/25/2016)
not to shabby

a good glove but wears away quickly. after one season (three months) the insides of the thumbs have worn away. they are however very light and comfortable. nice movement decent protection but all in all for the same price you could get king III's which is your best bet.

Review by Nolan the laxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great gloves

I use these everyday and they are great. I got white and they got dirty, but I washed them and they look brand new.

Review by Henry19 (Posted on 10/25/2016)

Good glove but not a ton of protection. Everything els was great!

Review by Matt (Posted on 10/25/2016)

I've gone through so many gloves. These ones seem to be the ones that are lasting me the longest however.. GET THEM!

Review by Eli (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Cost effective

Flexible out of the bag. Lightweight and comfortable. However they do wear faster than other gloves. Good for defensivemen.

Review by TooDefensive (Posted on 10/25/2016)

Love theses gloves so flexibel

Review by D the laxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)
I would buy this product again and again

I play with in games and practice these are really great

Review by Wes (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Pretty Great Gloves

I use this product during games and these gloves are pretty awesome. The things i like most about these gloves are the feel, the weight, and the mobility. The feel to these gloves are amazing! You have complete control over your lacrosse stick when your playing. These gloves are also fairly light. With these gloves, it is easy for your fingers to be mobile so the glove will not be a distraction when your playing. The only negative about this glove is the protection. When you get whacked, you feel the impact of it. Overall, fairly decent glove.

Review by Windy City Laxer (Posted on 10/25/2016)
One of the best gloves on the market

By far the Brine King SuperLight Gloves are simply amazing. They are lightweight, just 6 ounces combined weight! The gloves give you the closest thing you can get to bare handed feel on your stick. They also give great protection, so when you get slashed it you wont feel a thing. Another plus is they break in easily, so you wont spend months trying to beak the gloves in. These gloves are practically pillows on your hands, but still give you great protection. Out of all the gloves I have owned these are by far the best pair. If you are looking for a new pair of gloves i strongly recommend the Brine King Superlight Gloves.

Review by laxbro (Posted on 10/25/2016)
not bad for being light

Not a bad glove but there is not much protection around the thrumb area so if you get it hit it may hurt

Review by Bart (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Lightest Glove, so cool

My Girlfriend got me these for xmas last year and they totally rock, out of the bag they fit great and for people with smaller hands like me the 12 inch ones were great, She got me the custom ones they are black and yellow I will put a picture in! So comfortable and breathable MUST BUY

Review by dmg18t (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great gloves

Even though these are lighter weight than their "older brother", these gloves provide phenominal "out of the box" fit and flexibility.

Review by Gleminator (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Pretty good gloves

I would recommend these gloves for players that do not mind getting hit on the hand, but if you don't well than not really

Review by LSM (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great Gloves

I really like these gloves. They are super lightweight compared to the standard Brine Kings. However, with the decreased weight comes less protection. I had the tip of my finger nearly destroyed while wearing these gloves. That was probably a fluke, but it may have not happened if I had the extra padding that is provided in the normal Kings. Overall, I would recommend them to anyone. They have a nice grip on the stick that allows for the perfect amount of traction.

Review by MiddyD (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great gloves

awsome gloves

Review by Noah (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Amazing gloves!

I play defense for my high school. These pads are great for players who need lightweight equipment to achieve maximum movement. These are great for defense players because they are lightweight and offer good protection. The only con is that these may not be suitable for layers who take heavy contact on the hands area because they no not offer amazing protection for heavy hitting. Nevertheless, these are great gloves.

Review by Andrew K (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Ok Gloves

IF you want a light glove, get it. If you want one with good protection, don't .

Review by BigDog (Posted on 10/25/2016)
As light as they get

These gloves are extremely lightweight, but they don't have a great amount of padding. Also, when it rains, they get completely soaked and it takes days to completely dry.

Review by Sam (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great Gloved for a great price!

Right out of the bag they are pretty much broken in and very comfortable. In being so lightweight and flexible they did take away a little bit of padding. I definitely feel some checks that I didn't before with my cell 2s playing attack but to me it is worth it for the flexibility and weight of these gloves! Definitely worth getting best gloves I've had.

Review by cxc714 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Pretty Great

I play attack and they feel like there is almost nothing there. There is a drawback to that however, you feel almost every hit. I would not recommend this to an Attack, but for any other position it is perfect.

Review by cohen (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Ok not great gloves

not great. I play middie and face-off you feel every hit. I have broken my hand 3 times in the last year with these gloves on. They feel great and are light but again protection wise they are not great. I would only recommend these gloves for younger players who are just starting out or are not in a higher level play or defensive players who don't get checked a whole lot.

Review by Jimmy (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Okay but not good

had for about a week before the white part started to stain wasn't very pleased about it but that's something you have to live with. Also the inside was very itchy and an irritant to my skin. The color scheme is okay but it doesn't have enough bang for your buck!

Review by Ash (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Great quality glove for the price!

Great wrist and hand movement in these mitts. Awesome colours and very lightweight. Great grip on the stick and at the same time not too grippy to allow for better handling. Very comfortable and they stay cool. Overall awesome gloves and I highly recommend them for the serious player or the beginner who wants to step up his/her game and get a better quality glove for less $$.

Review by pipecity (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Good for defense

Nice gloves but not great protection. Broke my thumb twice wearing 'em playing defense.

Review by Middlax21 (Posted on 10/25/2016)
Not much protection, wears quickly

logo fell off hard to was shrank after playing in rain

Review by al3x the laxbro (Posted on 10/25/2016)
great protection great flexabiltity

i play midde i think that they are great gloves they dont hurt to much on slaps and they have good flexability

Review by byu lax player (Posted on 10/25/2016)

very breathable light comfortable great overall

Review by Ren (Posted on 10/25/2016)
A great glove

These glove are some of the best globe I have owned, they are lightweight and easy to break in. The only con is that it doesn't last a long time, the glove it's self does but little parts of it are coming of.

Review by Meyer (Posted on 10/25/2016)

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